Willowbeck Care Home, Sheffield

Address 95 Holywell Road
S4 8AR
Telephone 0114 2617771
Email willowbeck@exemplarhc.com
Services Neuro-disability, Brain injury & stroke, Mental ill-health, Physical disability, Spinal injury rehabilitation, Huntington's Disease

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Welcome to Willowbeck

At Willowbeck, our highly specialist team builds care and activity plans around a person, not their condition. We support and encourage people to be happy, fulfilled and involved in their care.


Our home

Service users at Willowbeck are cared for in one of seven units depending on their unique needs. The Ladybower unit provides care for people living with a range of complex needs arising from brain injuries and neurodegenerative conditions. This include tracheostomy management and ventilated care. Torside provides specialist support for service users with complex physical needs.

Rivelin is Willowbeck’s all male unit providing care and support for individuals with mental ill-health needs and Howden is for both men and women requiring mental ill-health support. Derwent provides care for those with complex needs and challenging behaviour. Abberton is a new physical  rehabilitation unit specialising in spinal care, providing the ideal environment for recovery and rehabilitation. Thirlmere is a newly developed unit where individuals can live with more independence.

At Willowbeck, we understand the importance of good, appetising meals. Our varied menu with freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced food is developed with service users to ensure we offer an interesting menu that reflects personal tastes, religious and condition-specific dietary requirements. Families are welcome to join service users at special meals, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

A full-time registered physiotherapist and therapy assistant work in the dedicated therapy room which is fully equipped to provide a range of exercises and multidisciplinary therapy.

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Spinal injury rehabilitation 

The new physical rehabilitation unit at Willowbeck provides specialist spinal injury care in a comfortable environment built for rehabilitation and recovery.

The Willowbeck team deliver specialist care and support, which focuses on restoring independence and developing functional skills. We believe that people should have choice and control over their care, and work together with our service users to set goals, which might include:

  • Using a wheelchair safely and effectively
  • Sourcing and using innovative IT solutions to aid independence and meet goals
  • Undertaking all aspects of daily living
  • Returning home

We work in partnership with other organisations, including spinal injury professionals, so referrals can be made for ongoing peer support.

Case study

Six years ago, Michael was out with his family when he suddenly fell. That was Michael’s last memory before he woke up in hospital unable to move. In a hospital far from home, his wife was only able to visit once a month, and, moreover, his recovery seemed to stall as the physiotherapy he was receiving wasn’t improving his sensation or movement.

Six months later, Michael was transferred to Exemplar – bringing him closer to home so his wife could visit much more easily, and giving him a home-from-home environment, where he could be comfortable and encouraged on his rehabilitation journey.

With the right environment for recovery, and physiotherapy four to five times a week, Michael has been able to regain sensation in his legs, as well as movement in one arm. Crucially, this allows him to operate an electric wheelchair, and he now has one of his own at the home.

Michael credits the physio sessions and the Willowbeck team at the home, who always encourage him to be independent, with his recovery so far.

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Thirlmere shared living spaces 

The Thirlmere unit at Willowbeck provides six additional ensuite bedrooms, which have been developed within the main care home but are accessed separately via a private entrance. Shared living spaces include a kitchen, lounge and dining room enabling service users to interact with one another and develop and maintain their life skills. 

Willowbeck encourages service users to work towards achieving their personal goals. Supported by specialist nurses and life-skills teams, service users can further progress their journey to independence whist still having the support of the main home as and when they require.


Family, friends and visitors

Our open door policy means friends and family are welcome to visit and be part of our regular meetings, accompany their loved ones on trips and outings and be involved in all aspects of care planning and reviews.

“I would never have been able to regain the movement I have. I don’t like giving up, I never have – so I’m pleased the ethos of everyone here is to keep going.” Micheal, service user

“The care my relative receives is exemplary, great care is given to interpreting their wishes. All the team try very hard to meet my relative’s needs” Relative

Claire Taylor – ctaylor@exemplarhc.com 

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