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Read how our care has made a difference to the lives of adults living with complex needs. 

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Female service user sat chatting to a care worker

Exemplar Health Care’s mission is to make every day better for the people we support. We love sharing stories about how our care has supported people to achieve their goals and live as fulfilled lives as possible.

We work closely with local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across England to ensure that our care homes reflect the needs of the local population. And our person-centred and holistic approach to care ensures that people get the right support, at the right time, the first time round.

Scroll down to read about the incredible journeys of some of our service users.

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Arlene’s story

Arlene has a Huntington’s disease diagnosis and has lived at our Fairburn Mews home in Castleford for three years. With the support of the fantastic Care Team, she has tackled the challenges that her condition has brought so that she can continue to do the things that she loves.

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“Before Arlene came to Fairburn Mews she was emotionally distressed - but Arlene is in a much better place now. The staff at Fairburn Mews are very supportive to Arlene and myself, and have gone above and their duty - they are amazing.”

Arlene's Mum 

Arlene at Fairburn Mews
David at Fairburn Vale

David’s story

David is 28 years old and lived at our Fairburn Vale home in Castleford following a car accident which left him a quadriplegic. Our care team supported him to regain his independence and everyday living skills, and he’s now ready and confident to move into his own flat.

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“Everyone has been very welcoming to me since I’ve got here, I was anxious about moving but it helped with being a mixed age group of service users. I will miss it when I leave because you always have someone to talk to if you’re having a bad day - staff go the extra mile.”

David – Resident at Fairburn Vale

Paul's story

Paul moved into our Dearnevale care home in Barnsley following a brain injury, and, with the support of the Care Team at Dearnevale, now enjoys home visits, shopping trips for his favourite beer and challenging colleagues to a game of Dominoes.

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“Since moving here, I feel like my life has improved significantly – my behaviour has changed, my anger outbursts are now under control and I appreciate everything that everyone does for me.”

Paul - resident at Fairburn Vale

Paul at Fairburn Vale
Craig at Copperfields

Craig's story

Craig lives at our Copperfields care home home in Leeds. Following an infection in his spine over a year ago, the specialist Care Team at the home has supported Craig on his rehabilitation journey, and he now feels ready to move into supported living.

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“I’ve loved living at Copperfields – the staff and Manager are great. They listen to me and what I want to achieve, and the home has an ethos of progressing, learning and moving forward – which is what I want to do in my life.”

Craig - Resident at Copperfields