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Behaviours of concern

Our care homes provide specialist nursing care and support for people who display behaviours of concern.

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Behaviours of concern

Our specialist care homes provide person-centred nursing care for people who display behaviours of concern as a result of their injury, condition or disability.

There are many reasons why people display behaviours of concern, which is why our approach is personalised to the individuals that we support - we work with them, their loved ones and professionals to design a care plan that’s tailored to their needs and goals, and enhanced through meaningful activities that make life more fulfilling. 

Many of the people we support have been deemed to have behaviours that are considered ‘too complex’ for mainstream nursing and care services.

Our trained teams work with individuals to understand the reasons for their behaviour, learn the skills to manage their own behaviour, remove and reduce any trigger factors and implement strategies to reduce the frequency and duration of incidents of behaviours of concern. 

Our approach to behaviour support focuses on how we can prevent the need for restrictive practices and reduce the frequency and intensity of behaviours of concern, so that people can live a fulfilling life and integrate with society without their behaviour restricting what they can do.

Specialist nursing care for a range of complex conditions

The people we support have complex needs that arise from a range of conditions and disabilities including:

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Supportive environments for those who display behaviours of concern

Exemplar Health Care has over 40 community-based care homes across England that provide a welcoming and supportive environment to help reduce stress and anxiety, and maintain independence and dignity.

Our approach to care focuses on maximising independence, building everyday living skills and empowering people to live as fulfilled lives as possible, which encourages choice and positive risk taking.

And our high staffing levels enable us to work at people's own pace and build trust, which helps to reduce feelings of frustration for people who display behaviours of concern. 

Dedicated Mental Health and Behaviour Support Team

Exemplar Health Care has an-house team of Mental Health and Behaviour Support Specialists who support our colleagues and service users who display behaviours of concern, including crisis or rapid intervention when a person’s behaviour is escalating.

The team is made up of behaviour support specialists who take the time to observe the individual, understand the reasons for their behaviour and suggest strategies to reduce distress or discomfort which might be causing the behaviour. 

The team is also supported by our Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Akande, who supports people to manage their treatment. Together, they offer a fortnightly clinic, as well as regular advice forums for all colleagues. 

The team has access to other professionals on an as-required basis if they have specific therapy needs.

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Trained Nurse-led teams 

All of our care and nursing colleagues complete our Exemplar Positive Behaviour Support (EPBS) training that’s been certificated by the British Institute for Learning Disabilities Association of Certified Trainers (Bild ACT). This confirms that the learning meets the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards 2019.

The certificated EPBS training includes up to five days of learning - two of which cover PBS theory, psychological support, self-protection skills and break away techniques, and up to three days of level two training which covers restrictive practices.

It provides colleagues with the skills and knowledge to protect people’s fundamental human rights and promote person-centred, best interest and therapeutic approaches to supporting people when they’re distressed.

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