About our care

Exemplar Health Care is a leading provider of specialist nursing care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity needs.

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About our care

Exemplar Health Care is a leading provider of specialist nursing care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity needs, arising from neuro-disabilities, brain injuries, spinal injuries, stroke, mental ill-health, physical disabilities and complex dementia. We also have a number of learning disability services. 

Our community-based homes provide person-centred care and rehabilitation that focuses on maximising independence, building everyday living skills and empowering people to live as fulfilled lives as possible.

They provide a welcoming and supportive environment where people can feel at home, continue to do the things that they enjoy, and remain closer to their loved ones.

We support people on their journey from being in hospital or living in a secure setting to community-based living, as well as offering longer term support for people living with degenerative or life-limiting illnesses.

Life your way

Daily life in our homes is all about choice. Each person that we support is unique – which means that their needs, goals and interests are too.

Our approach is personalised to the individuals that we support – we work with them, their loved ones and professionals to decide how they want to live, and design a care plan that’s tailored to their needs and goals.

Life should always be filled with the things that you love doing – regardless of your condition or care need. And that’s exactly what we encourage at Exemplar Health Care. We encourage people to continue to do the things that they enjoy, as well as develop new hobbies, access education and volunteering if they wish.

Most of our homes have between 20-30 residents, and are designed into 10-bedded units, which promotes small group living. We’ve found that this approach provides a welcoming and supportive environment, which is more responsive to people’s needs.

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Our holistic approach to care

Our high staffing levels of Registered Nurses and trained Health Care Assistants are determined by each person’s individual needs. This enables us to work at their own pace and build trust, provide support with all aspects of their life and ensures the safety and welfare of everyone living in the home, which leads to improved person-centred and longer-term outcomes.

Our homes offer specialist nursing care and occupational therapy-led interventions such as daily living skills, financial management training, educational programmes, social skills development, community involvement, sensory strategies and social/creative activities, as well as psychology-led interventions such as positive behavioural support, mindfulness, psychiatry and cognitive skills development.

Each of our homes has an experienced Nurse-led management team and a trained in-house team of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Life Skills/Activities Coordinators.

Everyone who lives in our homes also has access to our central clinical experts, Behaviour Support Specialists and Consultant Psychiatrist in times if crisis.

Some of our homes also have in-house Therapy Teams, including Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. This enables people to access holistic care and a range of services in a community-based home that’s closer to their friends and family.

Why choose Exemplar Health Care 

Caring for complex conditions 

People who receive complex care, sometimes also referred to as long-term or continuing care, typically have substantial and ongoing healthcare needs as a result of chronic illness, disabilities or following hospital treatment. When someone needs complex medical care, most people believe the only place this can be provided is in a hospital.

At Exemplar Health Care, we care for some of the most complex and acute individuals, who would often be in a hospital setting if not placed with us, enabling them to stay in the community and reducing hospital and secure facility admission.

Our Nurse-led, in-house teams are trained and experienced to support adults living with complex and high acuity needs as a result of a range of conditions, illnesses and disabilities, including:

Our teams are also highly trained, and our homes are adequately equipped, to safely care for people with tracheostomies and other complex respiratory requirements, PEG feeding, hickman/central line management and complex behaviours of concern.

Caring for complex conditions

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