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Many of our care homes provide specialist nursing care that supports people on their rehabilitation journey following hospital treatment, an accident or an operation.

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Everyone’s rehabilitation journey is different – and we understand that at Exemplar Health Care. That’s why our approach is personalised to the individuals that we support.

We work with them, their loved ones and professionals to design a care plan that’s tailored to their needs and goals, and enhanced through meaningful activities that make life more fulfilling.

Our in-house, Nurse-led teams have the skills and experience to support people to maximise their independence and develop their everyday living skills.

Our holistic approach to care involves working with individuals, their loved ones and professionals to design a care plan that’s tailored to their needs and goals, including re-integration into the wider community.

All of our homes have an in-house Life Skills Team, and many of them have an in-house Therapy Team, including Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, and we work closely with local multi-disciplinary teams to support people’s recovery and rehabilitation.

OneCare services: supporting rehabilitation

Our OneCare services provide specialist nursing care for people living with complex and high acuity needs, in a single or dual occupancy domestic environment.

They offer a bespoke package of care that’s developed to meet people’s complex and individual needs.

As well as providing a home for those who benefit from living alone, some people live in our OneCare services as part of their rehabilitation journey to lower acuity care settings.

OneCare offers care, nursing and accommodation costs in one weekly fee, which enables people to progress on their journey at their own pace, without the need to apply for other benefits or set up utilities, and allows a straightforward reassessment and transfer between our nursing homes and OneCare services as required by the individual.

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Specialist care in a community-based home

Our community-based homes and OneCare services provide person-centred care that focuses on maximising independence, building everyday living skills and empowering people to live as fulfilled lives as possible.

We support people on their journey from being in hospital or living in a secure setting to community-based living, as well as offering longer term support for people living with degenerative or life-limiting conditions.

We have over 30 care homes across Yorkshire, the Midlands, North East and North West that provide a welcoming and supportive environment where people can feel at home, continue to do the things that they enjoy, and remain closer to family, friends and loved ones.

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Holistic care in a community-based home

Our homes are led by an experienced Nurse-led management team, and supported by a trained in-house team of Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

Each of our homes has a Life Skills/Activities Team to support with holistic and therapeutic treatments, and many of them have in-house Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Everyone who lives in our homes also has the support of Exemplar Health Care’s clinical experts, including Behaviour Support Specialists and Consultant Psychiatrist at times of increased distressed or crisis.

This enables people to access holistic care and a range of services in a community-based home that’s closer to their friends and family.

We also work closely with community teams and other professionals, where required, to ensure that people receive the required support to meet all of their needs.

High staffing levels to support person-centred outcomes

Our high staffing levels of Registered Nurses and trained Health Care Assistants are determined by each person’s individual needs, which can include constant observation, either 2:1 or 1:1.

This enables us to work at their own pace and build trust, and provide support with all aspects of their life, leading to improved person-centred and longer-term outcomes for those living with complex mental health needs.

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Our specialist teams are here to support people with a range of complex and high acuity needs on their rehabilitation journey.  

Find your local care home, or get in touch with our Referrals Team who can help you to find the right care home.

Helen's story

We encourage as much self-advocacy and peer support as possible. As always, care and support is risk assessed, but we think creatively about options for safe solutions that allow people to do the things that matter to them. It’s fantastic to see people really flourishing in our OneCare services.”

Helen McGowan, Home Manager of Dearnevale.