Central Services

Central services

Our Central Services Teams are invaluable to the successful running of our business. In your team, you’ll work closely with our existing homes to support them in your area of expertise, and you could get involved in developing and opening new homes.

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Business support and administration

Our Business Support Team works across the organisation so you’ll have chance to work with different teams, across a range of projects.


Clinical quality and compliance

Our Clinical Team keeps up-to-date with the latest policies and best practice, and works closely with our homes to ensure that they achieve and maintain the highest standards of care. We have a number of roles in our Clinical Team including Compliance Managers, Quality Managers and Behaviour Support Trainers.


Customer engagement and marketing

Our Business Development and Marketing Teams build close relationships with our key stakeholders to drive referrals and support recruitment, and manage our communication channels to ensure that people can find the information that they need.


New home development

We have ambitious targets to grow the business, and our Commissioning Team is at the heart of this growth. You could get involved in all aspects of the new build process, from planning to decor and recruitment.



Our Finance Team supports the business with all aspects of financial support, including accountancy, budget management, payroll and invoicing.


Health and safety

Our Health and Safety Team keeps up-to-date with the latest health and safety legislation and works closely with our homes and offices to ensure 100% compliance. You might also get involved in delivering and designing health and safety training for colleagues.


Referrals and occupancy

Our Referrals Team is often the first point of contact for people who want to make a referral to one of our homes. You’ll talk to people about their needs and identify which of our homes would be the best fit.


HR – recruitment and learning and development

Our HR Team works closely with our homes and Central Services to support the recruitment process and ensure that colleagues have the opportunity to do learning and development. You could be involved in sourcing candidates, doing interviews, designing and delivering training, and implementing our health and wellbeing strategy.


Information Technology

Exemplar Health Care is at the forefront of innovation, which is supported by our in-house IT team. As well as supporting our colleague’s everyday IT needs, you’ll also be involved in a range of projects to drive the business forward.



Our Legal Team advises the business on all legal aspects, and works to maintain and prevent any legal issues that arise. You’ll be involved in reviewing and drafting contracts and implementing and maintaining employee policies.