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In a Care Home Support role with Exemplar Health Care, you'll have the chance to use your unique skills to make every day better for our residents.

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Chef working in a care home kitchen

Care Home Support jobs 

Working in our homes gives you a tremendous sense of achievement and pride – you’ll be making a real difference each and every day.

There are endless ways that you can make a difference, from maintenance to housekeeping, activities and catering.

Our homes have a range of support roles where you’ll become a valuable and appreciated part of the team.

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  • Occupational therapy roles
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Catering roles

Mealtimes are an important part of our daily lives. In a catering role at Exemplar Health Care, you’ll work with our residents to develop nutritious menus and provide delicious meals and snacks throughout the day, catering for a range of dietary requirements. You can also get involved in our fun activities such as bake-off competitions and summer fayres.

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Housekeeping roles

It’s important that our homes are clean and tidy to keep people safe, and our Housekeepers play an important role in this. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that our homes are well presented and look welcoming to everyone who lives, works and visits there.

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Maintenance roles 

As a leading provider of specialist nursing care, we pride our homes on their quality. Our Maintenance Workers are responsible for making or arranging repairs around the home, and ensuring that the home is well presented and safe.

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Administration roles 

Our Administrators are often the first people that our visitors or staff come to, to find out about various aspects of the home. You’ll play an important role in the running of the home, and be responsible for things such as answering the phone, raising purchase orders and processing invoices, supporting payroll and placing orders for the home.

As an Administrator, you could either work in one of our homes or in our Central Support Services. 

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Activities roles

Each of our homes has a dedicated Activities Team that plans and organises one-to-one and group activities for our residents. You’ll work with each resident to identify their goals and interests, and develop an activities care plan to support them to develop their skills, take part in social activities, and continue to do the things that they enjoy. 

In some of our homes that focus on rehabilitation, you might work as a Life Skills Facilitator to support people to build their everyday living skills and regain their independence.

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Occupational therapy roles

Many of our homes have an on-site Occupational Therapist that supports our residents, who are adults living with complex needs, on their rehabilitation journey. You’ll work in a small team and build good working relationships with the people you support – so you’ll be able to watch them grow throughout their journey with us.

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Physiotherapy roles

Many of our homes have an on-site Physiotherapist that supports our residents, who are adults living with complex needs, on their rehabilitation journey.

You’ll be responsible for doing assessments and reviews, developing physiotherapy treatment programmes, liaising with the care team and other healthcare professionals, and monitoring people’s progress, to support them to regain their independence and build their everyday living skills.

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Meet Helen, Physiotherapist at Tyne Grange 

Having worked as a Physiotherapist in private practice for over ten years, Helen was looking for a new challenge! She joined the team at Tyne Grange when the care home opened in 2020, and loves the variety that comes with working as a Physiotherapist in social care.

She shares: "My favourite thing as a Physio is the ability to see so many different patients in the same place. Anything from spinal cord injuries to brain injuries, to people that are independently mobile that just need a bit more support. It’s unusual to get all of that into one job."

Hear from Helen

Meet Jowana, Activities Coordinator at Maypole Grove

Jowana previously worked in a nursery, so had a lot of the transferable skills required to work in social care. 

When she saw the advert for Activities Coordinator at Maypole Grove, it caught her eye - so she applied and has never looked back. 

In her role she's responsible for planning one-to-one and group activities in the home, to enable people to continue doing the things that they love, and support them to develop new skills. 

Hear from Jowana