Activities Coordinator jobs

Working as an Activities Coordinator gives you a tremendous sense of achievement and pride. You’ll make a real difference each and every day through the meaningful activities you provide.

Activities Coordinator jobs

Activities Coordinator in garden with care home resident

What does an Activities Coordinator do? 

(Sometimes also called a Life Skills Coordinator or Wellbeing Activities Coordinator)

If you like working with people and are enthusiastic and fun, this is the role for you!

In an Activities Coordinator job with Exemplar Health Care, you’ll support people to live fulfilling lives through meaningful engagement and interaction.

You’ll take the time to understand people’s unique life experiences, hobbies, interests, likes, roles and routines, and encourage them to get involved in a range of activities that are important and enjoyable for them.

You’ll work with the wider Activities Team, Therapy Team and Care Team to provide person-centred, meaningful activities based on people’s unique goals and interests.

Our high staffing levels gives colleagues more time to spend with the people they support, which promotes a whole-home approach to activities.

What does an Activities Coordinator do?

Our Activities Coordinators organise creative and diverse activities for individuals and groups. No two days will ever be the same, but your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • organising individual activity plans based on people’s unique goals and interests
  • fostering community spirit through group activities
  • supporting people to maintain their current, and take up new, hobbies, interests and educational opportunities
  • assisting people to become more involved in their local community
  • celebrating national awareness days and holidays
  • promoting choice, dignity and independence.

As part of our mission to make every day better, our high staffing levels give you the support and time to deliver truly person-centred activities, with a supportive team around you.

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What skills and qualifications do I need to work as an Activities Coordinator?

Whilst a relevant qualification or training, such as a diploma or NVQ, is desirable, you don’t need to have a qualification to be an Activities Coordinator with us.

First and foremost, we want our Activities Coordinators to live and breathe our values of fun, integrity, responsive, success and teamwork.

We also look for these skills in our Activities Coordinators.

  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Excellent motivator
  • Organisation skills
  • Team player
  • Written and verbal communication skills

If you don’t already have a qualification, you can work towards one once you start the job. 

Training and career development for Activities Coordinators

There are lots of opportunities to learn and develop in your career as an Activities Coordinator.

When you start with us, you’ll do a company induction which covers basic training such as health and safety and first aid.

After that, you’ll do a role specific induction in your home with the support of a buddy.

In your team, you’ll work through our in-house Life Skills Toolkit to learn more about meaningful activities and service user engagement. As part of the toolkit, you’ll achieve the bronze, silver and gold award to celebrate your progress and achievements.

You can also benefit from:

  • ABC of Caring in-house training programme
  • clinical skills training
  • apprenticeships and diplomas
  • vocational qualifications such as dementia care and team leading.

Learning and development

FAQs about working as an Activities Coordinator

Want to know more about working as an Activities Coordinator? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Activities Coordinator jobs. 

What does an Activities Coordinator in a care home do?

An Activities Coordinator in a care home plans and runs all activities in the home.

They organise one-to-one and group activities based on people's unique needs and interests.

They also support people to maintain their community connections by, for example, attending local groups, going to the local hairdressers, visiting the library or working out at the gym. 


What qualifications does an Activities Coordinator need?

You don’t need any qualifications to work as an Activities Coordinator.

It might be useful to have a relevant diploma or NVQ and a good general education, but this isn't always necessary. 

What’s really important is your values. Activities Coordinators need to be kind, patient and fun, with great organisational skills.


What skills do you need to be an Activities Coordinator?

Activities Coordinators needs great:

  • people skills
  • communication skills
  • organisational skills
  • creative thinking skills.


How many hours does an Activities Coordinator work?

Activities Coordinator roles can be flexible. Hours are usually based on shift patterns, so you can find a work/life balance that suits you.



Meet Dawn, Activities Coordinator at Longley Park View

Dawn worked as a Teaching Assistant for 13 years before joining Longley Park View as an Activities Coordinator. 

Now, she couldn't think of doing anything else. 

She shares: “I plan lots of different activities. We do some group activities such as karaoke, arts and crafts and baking. We also do one-to-one activities to support people to maintain their hobbies and find new interests. My favourite thing about the role is how rewarding it is. It’s fabulous to see people's happy faces."