Great British Care Award Success

This year 51 members of staff have been shortlisted for The Great British Care Awards regional galas.

We nominated all of the people who won a Making A Difference Award in their home into The Great British Care Awards which are a series of regional events throughout England that celebrate excellence in the care sector.

These awards pay tribute to those people who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work. There are twenty-one awards categories available for nomination, which represent all areas of the care sector. We have had people shortlisted in the following categories: Ancillary Worker Award, Good Nurse Award, Putting People First Award, Frontline Leaders Awards, Dignity in Care Award, The Care Home Chef, The Activity Co-Ordinator Award, The Care Team Award, The Care Home Worker Award, The Care Trainer Award, The Care Newcomer Award.

Last year we entered the Great British Care Awards for the first time, and from the hundreds of people nominated by Exemplar fourteen members of staff were shortlisted for a regional award and all invited to their local, regional gala. Our regional gala winners included Emma Armitage from Dearnevale, Suzie Loader from Havenmere, and Anne Henson from Eastlands. The winners from the regional galas were invited to the national awards where Shelia Walker won The Nutrition and Hydration Award at National Level.

Well done to everyone who has been shortlisted for a Great British Care Award!