Cheers to World Poetry Day

21 March 2024

Male service user smiling

The team at Fairburn Mews celebrated World Poetry Day with an added twist. They  became mixologists for the evening to inspire this special poem about their fun cocktail nights together.

Here's a poem they wrote for World Poetry Day, inspired by some of their favourite cocktails.

Cocktails and canapés, say no more.

Six o’clock comes and they're knocking on the door.

Shaken or stirred, lemon or cherry?

What shall I choose, there are so many?

Sex on the beach, Harvey Wallbanger.

Hang on here, we’ve dropped a clanger.

Even though we’re a nursing home and not a pub,

With values like ‘fun’, who are we to snub?

Our mission is to make every day better,

And we take that meaning right to the letter.

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