Thames House host a special tea party to show dignity in care commitment

13 March 2019

Dignity Tree

Residents and the activities team at Exemplar Health Care’s North West home in Rochdale, Thames House, have celebrated their commitment to dignity in care by holding a, ‘Dignity Tea Party’.

The party saw residents write down what dignity means to them and use their words to create a special piece of artwork, a ‘dignity tree’, to display in the home’s communal area.

The activities team also held a session around the meaning of dignity and used examples to help explain the different ways Thames House champion it in the home.

One Thames House resident, Kaz, said: “Listening and understanding is very important.” Dev said: “Love” and another resident, Chris, said: “Giving the opportunity to have your own space and privacy.”

Dawn Moran, Home Manager at Thames House, said: “It is so important to talk about dignity in care within our homes and it is great to see our residents get involved in a championing it within Thames House. “

Thames House is one of Exemplar Health Care’s 26 specialist care homes and provides care for people living with neuro-disabilitiesbrain injury and stroke and mental health conditions.

Earlier this year, some Exemplar Health Care homes celebrated Dignity Action Day on Friday 1 February and saw people take part in activities including a drop-in café, workshops and saw people sign up champions. Read more about Exemplar Health Care’s Dignity Action Day’s activities here.   

At Exemplar Health Care we pride ourselves in putting the dignity of the people who live and work in our homes first. We strive to make every day better for everyone we care for. Many of our specialist nursing care homes have a Dignity Champion who is responsible for maintaining standards across their home, and reminding everyone that it is so important.