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We’re proud to support people living with the physical, mental or psychological challenges of Neuro-disabilities; reducing distress and enhancing quality of life.



Supported by our specialist psychiatrists, Exemplar Health Care's expert nursing teams are able to meet the complex needs of people living with neuro-disabilities such as Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

We work closely with families, the NHS and charities such as the Huntington’s Disease Association, providing the highest standards of evidence-based, multidisciplinary care.

Regardless of the symptoms, our goal is always the same; to provide specialist nursing care and personalised support that reduces distress, improves function and enables people to have the best possible quality of life.

And everything is underpinned by the reassurance of knowing that Dr Marshall - Exemplar Health Care’s Consultant Psychiatrist, and a leader in degenerative neurological conditions - is on-hand to offer expertise and support.

Download our brochure or contact our team for more information about our Neuro-disabilities care

Exemplar Health Care OneCare

Exemplar Health Care’s purpose-built homes and OneCare extended care pathways are caring and welcoming environments. OneCare services provide a further rehabilitation pathway for people recovering from a brain injury or stroke. These specially adapted individual houses and flats are located very close or attached to the main home. OneCare services allow individuals to live with a much greater level of independence, with care and support available as required, depending on a person’s unique needs.

Find out more about OneCare