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We’re proud to support people living with the physical, mental or psychological challenges of Neuro-disabilities; reducing distress and enhancing quality of life.



Supported by our specialist psychiatrists, Exemplar Health Care's expert nursing teams are able to meet the complex needs of people living with neuro-disabilities such as Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

We work closely with families, the NHS and charities such as the Huntington’s Disease Association, providing the highest standards of evidence-based, multidisciplinary care.

Regardless of the symptoms, our goal is always the same; to provide specialist nursing care and personalised support that reduces distress, improves function and enables people to have the best possible quality of life.

And everything is underpinned by the reassurance of knowing that Dr Marshall - Exemplar Health Care’s Consultant Psychiatrist, and a leader in degenerative neurological conditions - is on-hand to offer expertise and support.

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Valerie came to Exemplar Health Care with very challenging behaviour and severe self-neglect. In addition to Huntington’s disease, Valerie was severely underweight, had underlying mental health needs. Encouraged to expand her surroundings, she began spending time in the garden and leaving the home for visits. Valerie is now enjoying a true quality of life.

Read Valerie's story

Huntington’s disease

Drawing on the support and advice of our dedicated psychiatric team, our specialist nurses focus on managing the symptoms of Huntington’s disease to minimise distress, maximise function and enhance quality of life.

It all starts with an individual assessment, before co-creating a bespoke care plan, with the individual and their family or support circle at the heart of every decision.

Our specialist care is enriched and enhanced through a range of meaningful activities that make life more fulfilling and rewarding. From social activities to hobbies, everything we do considers the attention span and potential fatigue of individuals, placing choice and control firmly in their hands.


From changes in mood through to lack of drive, difficulties with speech or swallowing and involuntary movements, we pride ourselves on a unique understanding of the symptoms of this complex condition, and we devote ourselves to reducing the impact on people’s lives.

Communication difficulties are overcome with support from community speech and language therapists, with assistive technologies and equipment for managing communication, safety and comfort. Special care is given to food, with high calorie diets used to prevent weight loss and modified diets developed to reduce the risks associated with swallowing.

As the condition progresses, so does our level of care. Nursing teams are flexible with their approach, adapting their skills and experience to suit specific situations and needs.

Exemplar Health Care has provided John with fantastic care over the last couple of years and are able to give him the support needed in a specialist environment and make sure his care is of the highest quality, even to the point of undertaking additional training in order to be able to accommodate all of John’s specific medical needs, some of which can be life threatening. Having that additional support has made a huge difference to our lives.

Joanne, wife of John


Parkinson’s disease

We know that Parkinson’s disease can affect people in different ways and at different speeds. And our individual approach is sensitive to the unique needs of each person.

Whether symptoms are physical; such as tremors, swallowing difficulties and balance issues, or related to mental health such as anxiety, depressions and hallucinations, our expert team can adapt their skills to suit each situation.

As always, it all starts with a personal assessment, which provides a platform for creating a tailored care plan designed to alleviate discomfort and enhance quality of life.

As you’d expect, our specialist nursing care team is trained to manage the complex behaviours associated with Parkinson’s, providing emotional support and supplying medication where and when required.

Our homes are able to seek expert advice and support from Dr Marshall, Exemplar Health Care’s Consultant Psychiatrist, who has expertise in assessing and managing the psychiatric symptoms and signs associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

Dementia is a condition often brought on by the progression of Parkinson’s disease. It is important to keep an individual’s mind stimulated and brain active so their independence and life skills can be prolonged.


Exemplar Health Care OneCare

Exemplar Health Care’s purpose-built homes and OneCare extended care pathways are caring and welcoming environments. OneCare services provide a further rehabilitation pathway for people recovering from a brain injury or stroke. These specially adapted individual houses and flats are located very close or attached to the main home. OneCare services allow individuals to live with a much greater level of independence, with care and support available as required, depending on a person’s unique needs.

Find out more about OneCare