Brain injury, spinal injury & stroke

Brain injuries, spinal injuries and strokes can affect anyone, at any time of life and can cause a broad range of complex physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological, emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.


Brain injury & stroke rehabilitation

At Exemplar we support individuals with spinal injuries, acquired (ABI) and traumatic (TBI) brain injury including those who require tracheostomy management and ventilated care.

People living with the life-changing effect of these injuries are supported by Exemplar’s specialist teams who work with a person to increase their functional abilities, including movement, speech and emotional needs. Where possible, our specialist teams use assistive technology, including communication aids and environmental controls, to increase a person’s independence. 

Brain injury & stroke rehabilitation brochure


Spinal injury care

Following a spinal injury people are typically cared for in an acute spinal injury unit. There are very few of these in the country and as a result, many people are forced to live away from their friends and family in this initial recovery phase.

As a person begins to recover, they continue to need specialist care and rehabilitation to help increase their functionality and adapt psychologically to the trauma of their injuries. Our community homes are equipped to provide specialist spinal injury care and rehabilitation, allowing for people to live close to loved ones in a comfortable environment built for recovery and rehabilitation.

We believe it is important to provide not just physical support such as physiotherapy and ongoing functional skills rehabilitation, but to provide a socially stimulating environment to aid recovery of the mind through art and music therapy. Practical support is also available, such as acquiring and using an electric wheelchair, innovative IT solutions to aid independence or advice on applying for benefits. We work in partnership with other spinal injury organisations, so referrals can be made for ongoing peer support.

Case study: Anthony returns home following spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Following a serious car accident, Anthony came to Exemplar’s Greenside Court for spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Unable to walk, Anthony struggled to come to terms with the reduction in his mobility and took strength from the support of his family and the Exemplar team. After 12 months, Anthony began to regain movement in his legs. With a specialist programme of physio and occupational therapy, Anthony regained movement in his legs and began to return home for visits and go on a family holiday.

Anthony achieved his goal of becoming an advocate for people with spinal injuries before going on to achieve his ultimate aim – going home. After 12 months of intensive rehabilitation, Antony returned to live with his family. Anthony’s goal is now to act as an advocate for people with spinal injuries, sharing his own experiences of rehabilitation and recovery, to help others with theirs.

To speak to our specialist team about brain, spinal or stroke rehabilitation within Exemplar care homes:
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