Advocacy at Ravensdale with Advonet

To highlight Exemplar Health Care’s commitment to promoting advocacy for our service users, West Yorkshire home Ravensdale works closing with a leading advocacy organisation to ensure individuals needs and wishes are met, regardless of their condition.

Ravensdale in Whinmoor, Leeds, is home to 20 people and specialises in providing care to those living with neuro-disabilities, brain injury and stroke, mental ill-health, Huntington’s disease and complex physical disabilities – with many residents using advocates to help deal with issues and situations on their behalf.

The team at Ravensdale work with Advonet, an advocacy organisation based in Leeds and primarily work with Tajinder Lyal, an advocate from Advonet.

To mark Ravensdale’s partnership Advonet, the home’s unit manager Jessica Rowley held a workshop as part of the organisations networking event held at Leeds Civic Hall in October. Jessica discussed how the Leeds home work with Tajinder on a regular basis and how the partnership works to provide advocacy for our residents. 

Jessica discussed the importance of having an advocate for service users who find it difficult to communicate with staff, or who have no family or relatives around. Jessica spoke through examples of how the work of Tajinder and Advonet, has enabled smooth conversations and dealings with organisations with regard to our residents.

Jessica said: “At Ravensdale we care for people with complex needs which quite often affects all aspects of their life, including losing the ability to communicate consistently.

“Some of our service users live with degenerative diseases which means their conditions will decline and will most likely lose the ability to communicate with us.”

“Since working at Ravensdale I have recognised the importance of good advocates, who support us in terms of liaising with outside organisations on behalf of our residents.”

Tajinder Lyal, Ravensdale’s advocate, said: “I work with the clinical team at Ravensdale to ensure that all of our residents are heard and that all of their rights are managed correctly.

“I have a fantastic relationship with Jessica and the team to make sure that residents views are put first and we take the right steps to ensure everyone’s views and thoughts are understood and dealt with accordingly.”

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently rated the home as ‘Good’ in their latest report and they were praised for their commitment to ensure people felt safe in their home and had full control of their lives. One person said: “I feel I have a voice and am listened to.”

As well as leading a workshop around advocacy in a care home environment, Exemplar exhibited at the event and was on hand to talk about our 26-nurse led services, the complex specialities we care for and our commitment to making every day better for the people we care for.