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Spinal injury care

Exemplar Health Care provides the support and rehabilitation that makes a difference to a person's quality of life.

Spinal Injury

Spinal injury care

Anyone at any time could be affected by a spinal injury and it can result in a broad range of complex physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological, emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.

Following a spinal injury, people are typically cared for in an acute spinal injury unit. There are very few of these in the country and as a result, many people are forced to live away from their friends and family in this initial recovery phase. 

Our community homes are equipped to provide specialist spinal injury care and rehabilitation, allowing for people to live close to loved ones in a comfortable environment built for recovery and rehabilitation. As a person begins to recover, they continue to need specialist care and rehabilitation to help increase their functionality and adapt psychologically to the trauma of their spinal injuries. 

We believe it is important to provide not just physical support such as physiotherapy and ongoing functional skills rehabilitation, but to provide a socially stimulating environment to aid recovery of the mind through, for example, art and music therapy. Practical support is also available, such as acquiring and using a wheelchair, innovative IT solutions to aid independence or advice on applying for benefits. We work in partnership with other spinal injury organisations, so referrals can be made for ongoing peer support.

Anthony's story

Anthony was transferred to Exemplar Health Care for physiotherapy and rehabilitation after spending several months in a local general hospital following a car accident. With support, he has been able to plan for his return home, visit family members and enjoy a holiday.

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