Daily life

Daily life is all about choice. We support individuals to make decide how they live their lives, ensuring they can pursue their interests and passions.

Daily life

Daily life

Life with Exemplar Health Care offers a unique blend of care, reassurance and active inspiration.


Individuals in our care deserve to be treated as the unique people they are. That is what I do – that is what I care about above everything else.

Sophia Feurtado, Service User Engagement Manager



Life should always be filled with the things you love doing – regardless of your condition or care need. So that’s exactly what we encourage at Exemplar Health Care, whilst also helping people to develop new interests, take part in social activities, whilst embracing education and volunteering opportunities.


Meal times are an important part of everyone’s day and should always be an enjoyable experience. At Exemplar Health Care we’re proud of our fresh and varied menus which focus on providing a healthy and balanced diet. Just like at home, people have the choice to eat together in a family environment, or alone if they prefer. Some homes offer cafe style dining giving service users a choice of daily menus. We discuss individual preferences and requirements so that we get to know each person’s likes and dislikes.

Therapeutic engagement

Alongside our commitment to traditional activities and hobbies, we embrace the positive impacts of more tailored and targeted meaningful activities as a form of therapeutic engagement to encourage improved fitness and mental alertness, promote personal development, develop new skills and enhance all-round quality of life.

Daily life

Understanding and helpful staff who do genuinely care for the residents like their own family members; it’s not just their job. The home feels like a home from home. Residents are encouraged to decorate bedrooms to make them feel more at home. Residents have days out and are entertained during the day. An all-around excellent care home.

Kelly, daughter of resident at Kavanagh Place

Service User Council

Everything we do is influenced by the ideas and preferences of the people we support. And the people on our Service User Council are at the heart of any major decisions affecting our service and homes. The Service User Council is made up of a team of Ambassadors, who meet regularly with Exemplar Health Care team members and senior managers, including our dedicated Service User Engagement Manager.

The council actively influence, change and improve our services working together to make every day better for themselves and their fellow service users, ensuring every single person in our care has the ability to influence or improve almost any aspect of our business.

Michelle is on our Service User Council


I use technology to help me participate in recruiting team members. I am supported by the Occupational Therapist (Emma) to type the questions for the interviewees and add them to my communication aid. I have interviewed for nursing, care and catering team members, and Clinical Nurse Managers. I came up with the questions myself and tailored these to each role.

Ron, service user at Ravensdale