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Brain injury and stroke rehabilitation

Exemplar Health Care provides the support and rehabilitation that makes a difference to a person’s quality of life.

Brain injury, spinal injury and stroke

Brain injury and stroke rehabilitation

Brain injuries and strokes can affect any person, at any stage of their life and can result in a broad range of complex physical, sensory, cognitive, psychological, emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.

At Exemplar Health Care we support individuals with acquired (ABI) and traumatic (TBI) brain injury including those who require tracheostomy management and ventilated care.

People living with the life-changing effect of these injuries are supported by Exemplar Health Care’s specialist teams who work with a person to increase their functional abilities, including movement, speech and emotional needs. Where possible, our specialist teams use assistive technology, including communication aids and environmental controls, to increase a person’s independence. 

What can cause a brain injury?

Brain injuries can be caused by disease, by metabolic/physical changes in the body or can be caused by trauma. Whatever the cause nurses and employees at Exemplar treat each person as a unique individual.

How we care for Brain Injuries at Exemplar Health Care

No matter how complex the consequences of the brain injury, employees at Exemplar Health Care will work alongside the person, their loved ones and the wider multi disciplinary team to design and implement goals and treatment plans to ensure optimal outcomes for all.

We have a range of specialist support services available such as complex respiratory support facilities including, both invasive and non-invasive ventilation, tracheostomy and cough assist care.

We have in house psychiatry in the form of Dr Marshall - Exemplar Health Care’s Consultant Psychiatrist who is a leader in degenerative neurological conditions - he is complemented by our in-house behavioural support teams who can support individuals according to their individual needs

We also have physiotherapists to assist with maintaining movement, position and posture and occupational therapists who help service users to maximise their independence and abilities. Where possible, our specialist teams use assistive technology, including communication aids and environmental controls, to increase a person’s independence

Employees at Exemplar Health Care also ensure that a person’s social, relationship, leisure and spiritual needs are identified and upheld, we employ designated social employees to facilitate people’s hobbies, activities, and preferences are these are included in their holistic plan of care.

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