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Autism affects individuals in many different ways; although autism presents many of the same challenges to those affected, how the challenges are presented and dealt with are always different.



Living with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) can make everyday life challenging, from social interaction to education and daily life skills. Autism can often be misunderstood for severe learning disabilities.

Our multi-disciplinary teams provide specialist care for adults with autism, encouraging individuals to develop their skills, confidence and functional abilities. Person-centred care plans, developed with residents, include goals and aspirations for people to work towards, which may include access to education or becoming an active part of the community.

These plans are not made for a person, but are developed with the individual. Service users are always part of their care planning, so we can ensure people are happy and engaged with planned interventions and activities.

Exemplar Health Care provides a safe and structured environment where individuals with autism are supported to develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Specialist care staff take time to explain activities, situations and routines to service users, so they can understand and process the information at their own pace. We also recognise the importance of finding areas where individuals have particular strengths, so we can engage and encourage activity further.

Our aim is to make every day better for individuals and their families; we want service users to lead a full and meaningful life, and do all we can to support this.

OneCare service – for people with autism and asperger’s

Exemplar Health Care also offer sole occupancy environments for people living with autism and asperger’s through our OneCare services. We work with individuals, families and funders to develop environments built around a person and their unique needs – such as ensuring a limited stimulus setting to avoid sensory triggers.

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Mark's story

Mark, 34, lives with severe autism, typified by a range of very challenging and destructive behaviours. Following the breakdown of multiple previous placements, Mark lived alone in a four bed NHS assessment unit. Exemplar Health Care developed a bespoke OneCare apartment for Mark, where he now lives as a sole occupant. With 2:1 and 1:1 care provided in an environment built around his unique needs, Mark has found stability in his home.

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