World Friendship Day: Celebrating friendships in our homes!

30 July 2020

world friendship day at exemplar health care

World Friendship Day is celebrated across the world on 30 July 2020.

And across many of our over 30 homes, Exemplar Health Care’s 700 residents and 3400 colleagues will be celebrating the joy of friendship, and spending time with their friends.

But friendships aren’t just what makes life richer – they’re very important to your wellbeing, too.

The importance of friendships in care homes

Scientific studies say people with friends have a healthier heart, immune system, deeper sleep, and better all-round mental health.

At Exemplar Health Care, the health and wellbeing of our residents is our priority - and having fun, which is the very first of our FIRST values. That’s why all our homes are designed with lots of shared spaces, like lounges and gardens, to bring people together.

And it shows. We see great friendships between residents and colleagues and other residents at all our homes. Here’s just a few of the countless friendships worth celebrating!

parkside world friendship day

Stacey and Maureen at Parkside

Stacey, an Activities Coordinator at our Parkside home in Tipton, and Maureen, a resident, have built up a lovely friendship. Most days, after lunch, Maureen looks forward to sharing afternoon tea together with Stacey. The look on their faces says everything!

dearnevale world friendship day

Michael and Paul Anthony at Dearnevale

Michael and Paul Anthony live on the same unit in Dearnevale, our Barnsley home. Michael’s lived at Dearnevale for six years – and when he came to Dearnevale, wasn’t able to speak to anyone. Paul Anthony, meanwhile, came to Dearnevale about five years ago. Then, two years ago, Michael started talking!

This is when Michael and Paul Anthony’s friendship blossomed. The two enjoy lots of activities, such as cooking together, enjoying a beer, talking about sports, and sitting in the garden when it’s sunny. The home’s Care Team are delighted!

world friendship day brook view

Jess and Brenda at Brook View

Brenda at Brook View, one of our two Liverpool homes, has struck up a solid friendship with Jess, a Unit Manager. Jess is always doing lovely little things to make every day better for Brenda, and affectionately refers to her as a ‘my little queen’! Brenda’s definitely a queen in Jess’s heart!

havenmere world friendship day

Stephen and Kevin at Havenmere

Stephen and Kevin both live at Havenmere, our Immingham home, and spend hours every day together, chatting and arranging activities. Stephen not only manages his own mental health daily, but is always there to support Kevin, helping the home’s Care Team understand him better. As you can see, they really enjoy spending time together!

st andrew's court world friendship day

Jayne and Sylvia at St Andrew’s Court

Sylvia at St Andrew’s Court, our Hull home, really enjoys spending time with Jayne, a Unit Manager. The two are always up for a chat in the home’s conservatory, seen here in the photo. Having both lived in the same area, the two friends bond over conversations about the local area, and its local history. Sylvia also enjoys sharing stories about her family.

longley  park view world friendship day

Daniel, Alan, Ray, and Roger at Longley Park View

At Longley Park View’s all-male unit, Meadows, Daniel, an Activities Coordinator, has struck up a solid friendship with everyone there. They all like to socialise in the garden over music and a beer. Daniel enjoys having a laugh with Alan, doing Karaoke with Ray (whose favourite artist is Elvis Presley!), and Roger, who’s got many fascinating stories.

By pure coincidence, they found out that Roger was Daniel’s grandfather’s golfing partner for 30 years!

neville court friendship

Oliver and Tracy at Neville Court

Since Oliver moved to Neville Court in Barnsley four years ago, he’s got on with people very well. However, he’s closest with Tracy, a Team Leader, who he loves sharing laughs and jokes with. The two also enjoy a singalong together! They’re pictured here at Christmas. Oliver and Tracy often refer to each other by their nicknames, ‘Olly G’ and ‘T Dog’!

brook view floyd frank world friendship day

Floyd and Frank at Brook View

Floyd and Frank at Brook View have a great bond – and they go some way back! As chance would have it, Floyd and Frank lived together at a previous care placement and now share the same unit at Brook View. As you can imagine, they spend most days together.

You've got a friend in me

 “We know how important healthy friendships are,” says Sophia Feurtado, Exemplar Health Care’s Service User Engagement Manager.

“And our friends can be someone to throw your head back and have that much needed belly-laugh with.

“Whatever you are going through, healthy and positive friendships can contribute to positive wellbeing and good mental health.  Friendships can help increase our sense of belonging and help reduce anxiety and stress.

“This is why we encourage residents to form great friendships in our homes.”

Happy World Friendship Day, everybody!

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