Mental ill-health care and rehabilitation

Exemplar homes care for people with long-term mental ill-health including anxiety, depression, personality disorder, severe affective disorders and schizophrenia.

We can help when mental health symptoms are to such a degree that the person experiences significant impairment, such as an inability to care for themselves independently, sustain relationships or work.

Case study

Tim, 48, began experiencing mental health problems as a teenager. He suffered anxiety and depression, leading to extreme agitation and challenging behaviour. Following years of placements, he was finally taken into custody following a violent outburst and detained in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit where his medication was stabilised.

On arrival at Exemplar Tim required encouragement to maintain his personal hygiene and to develop regular sleeping patterns. Counselling sessions with mental health nurses helped maintain his motivation and mood. Over time, and with patient intervention, counselling, and therapy, Tim’s independence and confidence increased and he was able make trips outside of the home, attend a computing and maths course, and set himself a walking and swimming regime.

After two years Tim is enjoying life, has learned strategies to recognise and manage his symptoms and has moved to a OneCare flat, with reduced costs, where he lives with more independence. His long-term goal is to return to living in the community.

“From initially requiring 1:1 support from the nursing and care home team, to now living more independently, we have been able to meet Tim’s needs as he progresses towards his goals.”

Diane Howden, Home Manager

With the help of carefully chosen professionals, who share our empathy and understanding, we promote positive therapeutic relationships to support individuals with very complex needs in a home environment and thus minimise relapses and acute admissions.

“At Exemplar, we understand that a person’s mental health is a journey. Working together with service users, loved ones and multi-disciplinary professionals, we help people to overcome barriers, identify solutions, and establish control over their lives.” – Mark Henry, Mental Health Lead.

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