What makes us smile about working at Exemplar Health Care

7 October 2020

care team what makes you smile about working at Exemplar Health Car

At Exemplar Health Care, we believe that we’ve got lots to smile about. For starters, we make sure to have lots of fun – it’s the very first of our company values.

Although you won’t always see us looking happy because of a strict mask-wearing policy in our homes, that doesn’t mean that we’re not smiling under them!

But what makes our 3400+ colleagues smile?

Here’s just a few of the things that our colleagues tell us they love about working with Exemplar Health Care:

A rewarding career

Working in social care is an extremely rewarding career – you’ll be making a difference to people’s lives each and every day.  

“I enjoy going to work, I love the team I work with, the service users are a pleasure to work with and I feel satisfaction at the end of every shift.”

  • A colleague at Fairburn Vale, one of our three Castleford homes

“Every day is different here – and especially during covid, we’ve had to be creative and adapt the way that we do things – but I love this challenge, and I’ve been really proud of how well us as a team have continued to support our residents throughout periods of lockdown.”

  • A Life Skills Coordinator at Kavanagh Place, one of our two Liverpool homes


Welcoming and supportive teams

Most of our homes have no more than 30 residents, which supports small group-living. This means that you work with a close and like-minded team, to make every day better for our residents.

“I have worked for Exemplar Health Care for nearly 13 years. I love my job, we are like a family. I know people say that all the time – but I love working at Havenmere, and Exemplar Health Care have been really good to us – they have provided us with everything we need. Thank you so much!”

  • A colleague at Havenmere, our Immingham home.

“The colleagues on my unit are incredible, kind, caring, hardworking people, always positive thought out the day, still laughing and working hard although all this pandemic, I'm proud to work here.”

“You're all amazing and it's such an honour to work with you all. What an amazing team we all are. We are so lucky to have each other and the support is amazing. Thank you for making every day better for us!”

  • A colleague at Havenmere, our Immingham home


Supportive Managers

We’ve invested in our recruitment process over the past few years, especially when recruiting Managers, so that we attract the best talent out there!

“Brilliant management, brilliant team work.”

  • A colleague at Fairwinds, one of our three Rotherham homes

“I wouldn't change anything about my job or any of the team (family) I work with. My manager is an amazing lady, very fair and always ready to listen no matter how busy she is. I've worked here almost 11 years, I love my job and the connection I have built up with all my service users (family) is priceless.”

  • A colleague at Dearnevale, one of our two Barnsley homes


Learning and development opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to learn and develop in your career with Exemplar Health Care, if you wish.

“I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had whilst working at Exemplar Health Care, and the message I’d like to send is, believe in yourself because you’re never too old to achieve your dreams. There are many career opportunities at Exemplar Health Care and the support that I’ve received has been amazing.”

  • A Clinical Nurse Manager at Greenside Court, one of our three Rotherham homes

“I started my career with Exemplar Health Care as a Support Worker and now work as a Senior Core Learning Facilitator. I’m competing a Team Leader apprenticeship with Mercia Colleage and it’s really helping me to develop my skills as a leader. I’m learning new things in each assignment and can use these skills daily in my role”

  • A Central Services team colleague

“I’ve always been passionate about learning, and Exemplar Health Care is the perfect employer to be able to do this with.”

  • A Trainee Nursing Associate at Neville Court, one of our two Barnsley homes