Postcards of kindness at Exemplar Health Care

29 December 2022

Male service user holding a letter

Residents at our Longley Park View care home in Sheffield have loved receiving Christmas cards from members of the public, through the Postcards of Kindness initiative.

Postcards of Kindness is a social media group which asks people to write and send postcards to residents of care homes.

Dawn Hubbard, Activities Lead at Longley Park View, found the group on Facebook around two years ago and the home has been involved ever since. 

Dawn added the home’s name and address to the group, which then allows members of the community to send postcards, letters and greetings cards during celebratory seasons.

Whilst sending and receiving postcards may seem like a small gesture, they bring lots of smiles, laughter and conversation to the people who receive them.

Postcards of Kindness can also be a kick starter for new pen pals and long distance friendships.

Dawn shared “We reply to people who added their addresses on their cards and we kept all of the addresses, so from time to time we sit in the conservatory with residents and write out a postcard to send to them. We also send Christmas and Easter cards to them that we make during our planned activities.”

One member also sends parcels with crafting materials in. The residents and Activities Team use these in their arts and crafts sessions, which can be very therapeutic, and allows people to express themselves.

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