Meet Sarah Mckee: Our new Home Manager of Edgewater in Wallasey

20 April 2022

Our new Home Manager of Edgewater in Wallasey

In this blog, Sarah shares her career journey and talks about the great opportunities available at Exemplar Health Care’s newest home in Wallasey.

Set to open in autumn 2022, Edgewater will be a specialist nursing home in Seacombe, Wallasey.

The home will support 30 adults living with a range of complex care needs arising from mental health conditions and neuro-disabilities including Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Edgewater will also bring over 100 jobs to the local area in a range of roles including Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Senior Nurses and support staff such as Maintenance, Kitchen and Housekeeping.

We spoke to Sarah about why she joined Exemplar Health Care and her hopes for Edgewater’s first six months: 

Staff will be given a clear pathway for progression and there will be a multi-disciplinary team on-site to deliver the best care possible to all of our residents.


1. What drew you to Exemplar Health Care in the first instance?

I have a passion for positive organisational cultures, empowering staff, delivering excellent care and providing a trauma-informed workplace for all.

When I saw Exemplar Health Care’s values, these resonated with my own personal values, and I am extremely motivated to build a culture within a new service which also reflects my own values.

2. What inspired you to work in care?

I was inspired to work as a Mental Health Nurse from my grandfather’s experience with a mental illness, he had bipolar disorder which wasn't managed effectively due to the lack of pharmaceutical interventions, and evidence-based therapy which is available today.

From this point onwards, I've always wanted to be involved in the growth of Mental Health Care. I’m always told that I’m a great listener, and I feel that listening is an important skill within the profession.

It’s easy to say you are listening, however, our residents often tell us a lot more than what they are literally saying, this helps us devise concrete plans to help our residents maximise their full potential.

3. What do you think sets Edgewater apart from other care homes?

Edgewater will be different to other care homes as staff will not only attend mandatory training but also a bespoke training plan for each of our resident's needs.

Staff will be given a clear pathway for progression and there will be a multi-disciplinary team on-site to deliver the best care possible to all of our residents.

The home will have top of the range equipment, to help residents maximise their independence, including high-quality technology innovations.

4. What are you most excited about once Edgewater opens?

I am excited to build a team and help staff progress with career opportunities to deliver the best possible care to our residents.

Our service will also network with the local community to ensure our residents feel a part of the community, and help them to build trust within the local community.

5. What do you think the residents will value the most about Edgewater?

Residents will benefit from building long-lasting relationships with the Edgewater team as well as feeling part of a great community with inclusive attitudes, by having a structured daily planner and available activities within the service.

This will include helping residents identify their strengths, accessing educational programmes, having fun and feeling safe.

6. What would you say to others thinking about applying for a role at Edgewater?

Apply! This will be a great opportunity for you to progress within your career, offering exceptional training and support.

We understand the impact that the pandemic has had on the health care workforce and aim to reduce the effects of this.

You will also have the luxury of working within a brand new unit and be a part of the success when the home evolves! 

Watch our virtual tour of Edgewater 

Care and nursing jobs in Wallasey

We’re currently recruiting an in-house multi-disciplinary team at Edgewater which includes Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Life Skills Facilitators, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

To apply for a role, visit our online job search. Here you can view our Registered Care Home Manager jobs.

Make a referral to Edgewater

If you’d like to find out more about Edgewater or make a referral for a complex care placement, please contact our Referrals Team on 01709 565 777 or email