Meet Anita Scott - Clinical Nurse Manager at Woolston House

12 January 2023

ANita Scott, Clinical Nurse Manager

Meet Anita Scott – Anita has joined the management team at Woolston House as Clinical Nurse Manager.

Anita made the decision to return to work after six months of retirement. She chose Exemplar Health Care as she wanted to be part of a team opening our new complex needs care home in Warrington.

In this blog we talk to Anita about why she joined Exemplar Health Care and how the role will be different to any other she’s worked in before.

We’re recruiting for a range of roles to join Anita when the home opens later in 2023, including Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapist and Activities Coordinator. Visit our online job search to apply. 

What inspired you to work in care?

Looking after a family member’s end of life care gave me the inspiration to work in the care field. After having children I moved into social care nursing. I worked in a local care home which gave me the foundation to work in a controlled and supportive environment and I got some good skills under my belt. I eventually moved into the NHS and completed my nurse training before completing a specialist practitioner degree. Although I retired last year, I didn’t feel like I had completed my journey, I wanted to finish my career back where it started, in a care home.

What drew you to Exemplar Health Care?

Although the company doesn’t have any other homes in the Warrington area, Exemplar Health Care is expanding across the North West and have a great reputation for training. I didn’t have any management training in all my years of working but I’ve already been given the opportunity to enrol onto the company’s in-house People Management Skills training programme. After that, I can progress onto the Leadership and Management Programme - nowhere else offered that. I’ve also been given lots of support from the Central Support Services teams. 

How will working at Woolston House be different to other senior nursing roles?

When looking to get back into work, I wanted to work for a complex needs care home that would allow more involvement and interaction with service users, so I can provide a more holistic approach to the care I provide. 

When working in an 80+ bed care home, that personal touch is lost and I could find myself completing paperwork locked away in a room alone. 

Woolston House will care for up to 40 adults, of all ages, across four small units. A smaller home like this will allow me to be more visible in my role. It will bring that personal touch back as I will be able to spend more time with service users. 

Every day is a learning curve to me and this adds more knowledge to the experience I’ve gained in the NHS.


What are you looking forward to the most about working at Woolston House?

I’m looking forward to the longevity of working with and getting to know the service users. At Woolston House I will be delivering care at a personal level, which I really embrace. Each day I will make and see an overall difference, on a personal level and on the teaching and development side. 


What would you say to others thinking about applying for a role at Woolston House?

All I can say is, do it! 

I’ve never felt so welcomed and supported by so many different people and there is such a big support system you will never feel lost. 

I know that the company will provide me with lots of additional training and experiences that I won’t get elsewhere, but as well as that, any role within the home will make a huge impact on our service user’s day. 

The home doesn’t open for another couple of months but we’re recruiting now so that every member of the team is fully trained before the doors open to our first resident.

Jobs in Woolston, Warrington 

We’re recruiting for a range of roles at Woolston House including: 

•    Health Care Assistants
•    Registered Nurses 
•    Unit Managers
•    Office Manager
•    Activities Coordinators 
•    Occupational Therapist
•    Physiotherapist 
•    Head Housekeeper 
•    Domestic Assistant
•    Kitchen Assistant
•    Cook. 

This is an exciting opportunity to work in a brand new home, as part of a new team, so you can shape the success of the home from the start. 

Our roles offer stable and secure employment, with great rewards and benefits, and excellent training and career progression opportunities. 

Visit our online job search to find our job vacancies in Woolston, Warrington.