Career development

Our comprehensive learning opportunities will give you the skills and support you need to excel in your role and take your career to the next level.

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Career development

There are lots of opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge and progress in your career at Exemplar Health Care, if you wish.

When you join us, you’ll have access to a wide range of online learning modules through our eLearning platform, and we offer a variety of training programmes, qualifications and apprenticeships.

We're proud to offer a range of in-house training programmes for colleagues at all levels including ABC of Caring, People Management Skills, Leadership and Management, and Senior Leaders Talent Management Programme. 

Comprehensive induction programme

Everyone who works with Exemplar Health Care receives a company welcome induction which includes learning about the company and our values, and completing Mandatory and Statutory Training.

The first two days involves training about topics such as first aid, moving and assisting and safeguarding. On the third and fourth days of induction, colleagues complete Exemplar Positive Behavioural Support (EPBS) training with our in-house Behaviour Support Team, which has been certificated by Bild ACT. If you’re working in a role that isn’t a care or nursing role, you’ll attend your home or department on your third day instead.

After the corporate welcome induction, you'll do a role-specific induction in your new workplace and meet your buddy who'll support you in your first few weeks. New colleagues in care roles will complete the Care Certificate as part of their induction (if you’re new to care).

Performance Development Reviews

All colleagues will have a Performance Development Review every year to discuss progress, set objectives and develop a personal development plan. This is a great opportunity to share feedback with your Manager and talk about your career aspirations. 

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Learning and development


ELMS - you’ll get access to our online eLearning platform where you can complete a range of CPD training modules, as well mandatory training.

ABC of Caring

ABC of Caring programme - this training programme is for Health Care Assistants and Activities Coordinators, and covers the essential skills and behaviours needed to provide the highest standards of care.


Apprenticeships – we offer a range of apprenticeships at all levels for colleagues who want to gain a formal qualification whilst earning and learning on-the-job.

Get Abstract

Get Abstract – you can access bite-sized summaries of books about a range of topics to support your personal development, including management, wellbeing, time management and finances.

Leadership and management development

People management

People Management Skills - this programme is for existing and new Managers, and will help you to manage people processes and develop your emotional intelligence skills to bring the best out in people.

Effective manager

Effective Manager Series - we run a series of standalone workshops for existing and aspiring Managers around topics such as employee relations, building an effective team, personal resilience and time management.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Programme – this programme is for Home Managers and Clinical Nurse Managers. It teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to run a successful business including the legal requirements, budgeting skills and leadership skills.

Talent management

Talent Management Programme – this programme is for middle to senior Managers who want to progress in their career. It offers one-to-one coaching, masterclasses and on-the-job development opportunities.


Coaching – we’ve trained a number of colleagues to be coaches, who can help you to grow and improve by exploring issues that might be affecting your work performance, and supporting you to explore options and solutions moving forward.