Liverpool care home welcomes The Brain Charity to Exemplar Health Care

26 June 2023

Two service users taking part in a dance class with props

Kavanagh Place care home in Liverpool has teamed up with The Brain Charity for a 12 week 'Music makes us move’ course.

The course consists of a series of dance classes, which give people the chance to self-express using cognitive therapy and stimulation as well as improving and encouraging their movement in the process.

The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their family, friends, and carers.

Kavanagh Place residents have previously attended the charity’s hub, based in Liverpool city centre, where they offer a variety of different activities throughout the week such as a choir, board game afternoons and origami sessions.

Working with The Brain Charity

The charity previously partnered with Kavanagh Place for a 12 week 'Music makes us sing' course, which involved a Speech and Language Therapist running singing sessions in the home.

These courses are usually aimed at people living with dementia.

However, The Brain Charity has been carrying out research with residents at Kavanagh Place who are living with other neurological conditions, to evaluate the impact of song and dance.

At the start of the course, residents do a series of simple cognition tasks, which they’ll repeat at five and 12 weeks to determine the effects of the classes.

The benefits of movement therapy

At Exemplar Health Care, we encourage the people who live with us to engage with their community through a variety of ways.

Dance classes are a great way to bring people together to enjoy laughter and excitement, whilst engaging and challenging the brain.

By taking part in the dance classes, participants can:

  • work on maintaining balance and flexibility
  • improve their range of movement
  • reduce anxiety
  • activate multiple parts of the brain
  • enjoy social engagement
  • improve their mood and wellbeing.

Sarah, Activities Co-ordinator at Kavanagh Place, said “It’s been great working with The Brain Charity and as they’re so local and offer a wide range of activities, it’s fantastic that we at Exemplar Health Care have that link with them.

“Our residents have really surprised us with how much they participate and the enjoyment they get from it.”