Service user engagement

Exemplar’s service user engagement team, help to transform the lives of our service users, promoting dignity at all times.

At Exemplar we want our service users to have control over their own destiny, decisions about their care and to be involved in the running of the home. 

This person-centred approach involves really listening to people, finding out what they want and need and involving them in decisions about their lives. We then make sure care plans and the services around that reflect this and are tailored to individual needs.

This joint approach allows Exemplar to explore alternative points of view and address challenges, opening up new opportunities that we might not have considered. We work as a team – sharing challenges and ideas, identifying problems and solving them together.

“I use technology to help me participate in recruiting team members. I am supported by the Occupational Therapist (Emma) to type the questions for the interviewees and add them to my communication aid. I have interviewed for nursing, care and catering team members, and Clinical Nurse Managers. I came up with the questions myself and tailored these to each role.”

Ron; service user, Ravensdale


“Individuals in our care deserve to be treated as the unique people they are. That is what I do – that is what I care about above everything else.”

Sophia Feurtado; Service User Engagement Manager


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Exemplar’s Service User Council

Our Service User Council is made up of a team of Service User Ambassadors from Exemplar homes. The Council meet regularly with a group of employees and senior managers. The Council actively influence, change and improve our services, working together to make every day better for themselves and their fellow service users.

Through the council, service users: 

  • Are consulted on ideas for changes to services
  • Put forward their own ideas for improvements
  • Share their concerns


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Influencing how homes are run

Exemplar’s service users are actively involved in the way our homes are run. People tell us what works and what doesn’t and in this way, influence not only how services are delivered now but also shape service delivery in our new homes.

By putting service users at the heart of everything we do, by listening and acting on what they tell us, we can ensure they have a real voice in shaping our standards and service delivery, ensuring continuous improvement.

We encourage and empower people to take an active role in the running of their home and in addressing decisions that directly affect them, such as by interviewing and recruiting our care home teams.

At Exemplar, service users can:

  • Act as Service User Ambassadors, sharing ideas about their home and working on projects at both a home and organisational level
  • Be part of the Service User Council, with a direct link to our board of directors
  • Be involved in recruitment and appraisals, helping to interview and assess new employees
  • Take part in videos and advise on content for service guides, which explain about life in our homes from a service user’s point of view
  • Contribute to important aspects of managing homes by being involved in health and safety and clinical governance meetings