Health Care Assistant, Philip, uses 3D printing skills to enable resident to play Xbox again

9 July 2023

Health Care Assistant, Philip, holding adapted Xbox controller

Barnsley Health Care Assistant, Philip Bulpin, has used his 3D printing skills to adapt an Xbox controller for a resident with limited mobility following a stroke.

Philip, a Health Care Assistant at Dearnevale care home in Grimethorpe, has been 3D printing as a hobby for three years.

Since working at the home, he’s become increasingly interested in how 3D printing can aid accessibility for adults with limited mobility.

In his own words:

"3D printing is perfect to create parts to help make things a little easier for people.”

When Philip learned that one of the people he supports loved playing console games, he started designing an adaptive controller.

He shares:

"One of our service users lost most of the use of his right arm and leg following a stroke. His family told me he used to love playing games consoles and they’d spend hours racing each other on games."

“You can buy an adaptive controller, however it’s expensive and quite complicated for someone with a brain injury to use.

“I found plans to adapt an existing Xbox controller to allow for full use of all functions and buttons with just one hand.

“I loaded the model into my software and hit print, and then fit the pieces to the Xbox controller.

“The buttons and triggers can be used with the left thumb and fingers only. And the sticks are moved via a strap around the left thigh.

“This is such a simple design that only costs a few pounds to make, but has given someone a massive increase in quality of life by doing something they always loved to do.”

Check out the controller on TikTok

Dearnevale’s Home Manager, Helen McGowan shares: “The care and the heart that went into this is absolutely wonderful to see. 

“We’re very lucky to have Philip’s talents outside of the workplace to benefit and personally enhance the quality of life for one of the people we support. 

“This is a brilliant example of how the team at Dearnevale goes above and beyond to make every day better for the people we support.”


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