Exemplar Health Care opens multi-faith room at specialist care home in Birmingham

17 January 2022

Multi-faith room at Blackmoor in Birmingham

Exemplar Health Care opens a multi-faith room at a specialist care home in Birmingham for adults living with complex and high acuity needs.

Blackmoor is a specialist care home in Birmingham that supports people living with complex mental and physical health needs.

The home has three ten-bed units which specialise in supporting adults living with complex mental health needs, neuro-disabilities, brain injuries, spinal injuries and complex dementia.

In this blog, Kerry Hill, Commissioning Home Director at Blackmoor, talks about the importance of the multi-faith room and how it supports residents and colleagues who are working or living there.

Tell us more about the multi-faith room at Blackmoor?

The multi-faith room has been designed to provide a peaceful space for our residents who are wanting to practice their spirituality or if they need a space to take time out.

Birmingham is a diverse multi-cultural city, and we wanted to ensure that we’re being inclusive to peoples’ religious or spiritual expressions.

Who can use the multi-faith room?

The multi-faith room is available for anyone who lives, works or visits the home.

We encourage our colleagues and residents to come together and celebrate their own faith, learn about others and support each other.

The room also offers the opportunity to take a break, in an environment conducive to improving wellbeing and discussing faith and community matters.

We will also ensure that the team understands an individual’s manner in which they wish to observe spiritually, and will endeavour to make this readily available to the person.

How does the multi-faith room support colleagues and residents?

Despite the challenging situations that colleagues face each day, it’s never been more important to support their health and wellbeing.

The room is open seven days a week and will provide a quiet area to encourage colleagues to take time out, help reduce stress and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

It also includes a copy of the Quran, a prayer mat, a bible, comfortable seating and a meditation space to make sure the room is accessible for everyone.

About Blackmoor care home

Blackmoor provides person-centred care and rehabilitation which focuses on building everyday living skills, maximising independence and helping people to achieve their goals.

The home has the facilities and skills to provide specialist nursing care for younger adults who have neuro-disabilities, acquired brain injuries and complex mental health needs, including those who display behaviours of concern.

Watch the full video tour of Blackmoor

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