Celebrating the next generation of Exemplar Health Care leaders and managers

15 July 2022

Three colleagues stood with certificates

Colleagues from across Exemplar Health Care celebrated their graduation from two of our leadership and management training programmes.

The ‘People Management Skills’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ programmes, both certificated by the CPD Certification Service, are available to all Exemplar Health Care colleagues in a leadership and/or management role.

The graduation started with an introduction from Paul Sullivan, Leadership and Organisational Development Manager, and a congratulations from Ruth Smith, Managing Director.

In her speech, Ruth talked about the importance of good leaders and managers, saying: “You can’t underestimate the importance of strong leadership in the health and social care sector. It helps people to grow, improves the experience of our colleagues and above all, improves care for our service users.” 

Paul added: “Great leadership breeds great teams, and it’s our people that set us apart from our competitors.”

Learners then delivered short presentations to their peers, sharing their learning from the programmes.

The celebration ended with a presentation of certificates from HR Director, Matthew Blain.

Jacqueline’s experience of the People Management Skills programme

Jacqueline, one of the learners on the People Management Skills programme and Head Housekeeper at Otterburn care home in Birmingham, shared how the programme has made a difference to her personal and professional lives.

“When I was asked about doing this course, I was hesitant and a bit nervous. But having completed it, I have realised how invaluable it’s been to my role.

“It has given me an insight into how much work goes into running a successful team and business.

“I had no idea how much it cost to recruit one person! And I understand why it’s so important to value and retain colleagues.

“I have learned we must make our new starters feel welcome, comfortable and valued when they first start. This will help to build a strong team for the future.

“I’ve also learned communication is key! I have learned about emotional intelligence and the importance of treating everyone as individuals, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

“This course has given me a massive dose of confidence that I was previously lacking. It’s been extremely informative and useful in my role.

“With my learning, I’ll keep trying my best to make every day better for all of our people.”

Jess and Lauren’s experience of the Leadership and Management programme

Jess and Lauren, learners on the Leadership and Management programme and colleagues at Brook View care home in Liverpool,

Lauren, Unit Manager, shared: “The programme taught me some great skills to help me manage a shift.

“I have lots of ideas how we can continue to improve the home. My biggest learning is to involve people in identifying solutions in the home. Not only does this make them feel valued, but you often get your best ideas from those providing care each and every day.”

Jess, the home’s Clinical Nurse Manager, added: “My biggest takeaway is that conflict is not always a bad thing.

“During our Take 20 meetings, I now encourage conflict in a positive and constructive way, to get everyone’s opinions and ideas.

“In fact, conflict has led to some of the most effective changes that have improved the service.”

Leadership and management development at Exemplar Health Care

At Exemplar Health Care, we support all of our leaders with their development through our suite of CPD certificated training programmes including:

  • People Management Skills
  • Leadership and Management
  • Senior Leaders Talent Management Programme.

Read more about career development at Exemplar Health Care.

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