Enhancing the skills of our Care Assistants through the ABC of Caring programme

25 January 2024

Carer sat at desk

Hear from our Head of Learning and Development, Natasha Furness, about our ABC of Caring programme and how it’s enhancing the skills of our Health Care Assistants and Activities Coordinators.

If you’re a Health Care Assistant, Senior Health Care Assistant or Activities Coordinator, ABC of Caring is the ideal training to help you feel more confident in your role.

We introduced the in-house training programme in 2020, to enhance the behaviours, knowledge and skills of our care and activities colleagues.

Proudly, the programme is certified by the CPD Certification Service, confirming it meets the required continuing professional development standards and benchmarks.

What do you learn on the ABC of Caring programme?

The programme includes six modules.

  1. Always Be Communicating (Communication skills) - To develop your skills to communicate more effectively.
  2. Always Be Courteous (Customer service) – To enable you to communicate effectively and deal with challenging and difficult conversations more efficiently.
  3. Always Be Coaching (Introduction to coaching) – To introduce you to coaching and how you can help to promote a coaching culture.
  4. Active, Brave, Courageous (Raising concerns) – To enable you to support any concerns whilst promoting dignity and respect.
  5. Achieving Brilliant Changes (Service improvement) – To proactively and strategically improve the service we provide.
  6. Approachable, Bold, Communicating (Taking the lead) – To develop your leadership skills.

How long does the ABC of Caring programme take to complete?

Each module is delivered on a separate day, and is usually one day per month.

How to enrol

If you are an Exemplar Health Care colleague and would like to enrol on this training, please speak to your Home Manager.

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