Celebrating 37 years of love at Shire Oaks Court

14 February 2024

Male service user sitting with partner

Shire Oaks Court resident Ted and his partner, Trish, recently celebrated their 37th anniversary, with support from Exemplar Health Care colleagues to make their day extra special.

The couple met at Marston’s Brewery in Burton-on-Trent in 1986, moving in together the year after.

They’ve celebrated their ‘moving in’ anniversary every year, and the team at Shire Oaks Court were keen to keep that tradition alive!

“Colleagues at the home bought me some lovely flowers as a gift from Ted. It’s almost as if they knew that's what he always did for me,” says Trish.

“Ted has Parkinson’s and lewy body dementia, and my only goal for him is to be happy at Shire Oaks Court.

“I’ve seen that Ted is loved by all the staff so much. He can be a cheeky chappie when he’s in the right mood … but grumpy when he’s tired!

“I visit him twice a week, but we both miss each other so much. At 73 years old, I’ve recently had a small tattoo of a heart with his name in it!

“I’m really looking forward to visiting him on Valentine’s Day.

“The home’s hosting an afternoon tea for residents and their loved ones. I’ve just got to hope that Ted isn’t Mr. Grumpy on that day!

“I’m actually wondering if mine will be his only Valentine’s Day card this year…”

Shire Oaks Court, Ami Narwal, adds: “I’m so incredibly proud of the team for helping Ted and Trish to celebrate their special day.

“Our care is always centred around the people we support, and that includes their relationships with loved ones.” 

At Exemplar Health Care, we’ve recently launched an initiative to upskill our colleagues around supporting people’s personal relationships.


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