How we support people to achieve their goals

13 December 2022

Service user and service user in wheelchair stood with health care assistants

We all want to spend time doing the things we love best. So that’s what we aim to give the people we support at Exemplar Health Care.

Together with loved ones and professionals, we design a care plan, tailored to individual needs and goals, which enables people to achieve their goals. 

Weight loss and exercise

Our care team at Ribble View care home in Preston, Lancashire, have been working hard with residents in the home to achieve their personal goals.

Resident, John, told the team that he wanted to lose weight and exercise more. So John began to have daily meetings with the home’s Catering Manager to make healthier food choices.

He also started spending more time with our Activities Team, joining in exercise groups and daily stretches.

After a short while, John regained the confidence needed to walk down the corridors with the support of our care colleagues.

At John's request, he gets weighed weekly and the Activities Team, along with other colleagues in the home, have been celebrating his consistent loss of weight every week.

It's been hard work for John, but he’s shown dedication and most importantly enjoyed taking control back.

Nicola Ekins, Life-Skills Coordinator said, “We're all so proud of you John, and we know how proud of yourself you are. Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Getting back into the community

Similar to John, another Ribble View resident, Tony, decided to set some personal goals around exercise.

For the past six months, Tony has lost his confidence going out into the community, something that he previously enjoyed doing.

So, with the help of the team, Tony put together a plan to get him back out and about.

For his first outing, Tony and the Activities Team went for a walk and grabbed some coffee.

Since Tony achieved his first outing, he’s been all actions go.

Tony has often talked about going to his favourite football team’s ground and although he's had a season ticket for quite some time, he's hasn’t yet been able to take the leap to get there.

Recently, Tony decided he’d like to take a walk around the outside of the football ground and enjoy a coffee in Costa which is next door.

The group enjoyed a lovely walk in the park across the road from Preston North End’s home ground, walked into the car park and listened to Tony reminisce about attending the football matches there in the past, all finished off with a coffee and cream cake in Costa.

To get this far has been a massive achievement and he’s now hoping to take the next and final step of sitting in one of those seats watching his favourite team win a game.

Nicola Ekins, Life-Skills Coordinator said, “You've got this Tony. We're so proud of you!”