Exemplar Health Care is committed to investing in the latest life-enriching technology to support our residents and colleagues.  


The use of technology across health and social care is evolving. Over the past few years, Exemplar Health Care has invested in improving its digital infrastructure and has introduced new technologies to improve the lives of our residents and colleagues, and support our business to grow.

Here are some of the ways that we use technology across our care homes and central services.

  • Wifi to support digital ways of working, including digital care plans and EMAR
  • Life-enhancing technology in our care homes
  • Signing in tablets and staffing dashboard
  • Exemplar Learning Management System (ELMS)
  • My Exemplar app
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) app


Wi-Fi to support service user engagement and digital ways of working

In 2018, we installed Wi-Fi across all of our care homes for colleagues and residents. Our residents love using the internet to stay in touch with their friends and families, keep up-to-date with the latest news and browse the internet for leisure. Having centrally secured Wi-Fi also enables our homes to work more digitally as we introduce more technology-based solutions, such as digital care plans, assistive living technology and electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR).

Life-enhancing technology in our care homes

We use lots of technology-based products and services in our homes to support our residents.

  • GrandCare – aims to support independence and sociability through smart technology and non-intrusive monitoring. The technology can detect movement and pick up on any breaks to atypical behaviour, and notify the relevant Care Team. The sensors are connected to an interactive touch screen hub, which provides visual prompts for residents to complete day-to-day tasks, such as taking medication or reviewing blood pressure.  
  • Robotic cat – our Ravensdale care home in Leeds has welcomed, Sarah, a robotic cat, to keep residents company. Home Manager, Lynda, shares how the cat has made a difference to resident, Val’s, life: “Val spending time with the cat really enhanced her communications and interaction with us. Val strokes her, carries her and even took her to bed with her one night - all tucked up. The therapeutic benefits for our residents, not only for people living with dementia but other complex conditions, including Huntington’s disease, are huge.” 


Signing in tablets and staffing dashboard across our care homes and offices

We use signing in tablets across all of our care homes and offices to keep track of who’s on site at any given time. And in 2020, we developed a staffing dashboard which uses data from the signing in tablets to show staffing levels in each of our homes. If a home drops below its target staffing level, the Manager gets a notification, which makes it a great tool to help us to ensure that we have safe staffing levels in our homes at all times. Read more about our staffing dashboard.  

Exemplar Learning Management System (ELMS) – eLearning for all Exemplar Health Care colleagues

In 2020, we introduced ELMS, our eLearning platform which provides online learning to support the theoretical elements of mandatory and statutory training, as well as continuing professional development (CPD). This ensures that all of our colleagues are confident and competent to deliver the high-quality care that we expect and keep up-to-date with the latest best practice. 

When new colleagues start with Exemplar Health Care, they complete elements of their mandatory and job essential training on ELMS, alongside a face-to-face induction and on-the-job training and buddying in their workplace.

The platform also includes learning modules on a range of topics to support CPD, including mental health awareness, behavioural support and leadership. 

My Exemplar app to improve colleague engagement  

My Exemplar is an app for all Exemplar Health Care colleagues on which we can share stories and important updates from across the company, say thank you to colleagues, upload our policies and procedures, and host information about our learning and development opportunities and health and wellbeing initiatives.  

My Exemplar has really helped us to improve colleague engagement - in 2020, on average, we get over 60,000 content views and colleagues share over 250 stories each month.  

Key performance indicator (KPI) app to monitor and maintain quality

This year, we introduced a KPI app to make it easier for our Managers to monitor their home’s targets and reports against an agreed set of indicators, and identify any areas for improvements so that they can quickly resolve any issues.

The app includes information about CQC ratings, medication audits, internal inspection results, health and safety audits, service reviews, staffing levels, occupancy, recruitment, budgets and care plan audits. It breaks down key data under each topic area, by each home and over a period of time, so that we can monitor and see the improvement across our services.

Other investments and advancements

To support technology across the company, we’ve invested in our IT infrastructure, including moving data centres, refreshing all hardware and software and improving cyber security. This has ensured compliance with a number of standards and guidelines including Government Cyber Security Essentials, GDPR and FAST Software Licence Audit.

As well as the above, we’ve also introduced:

  • Customer Engagement Connect – to monitor and improve customer engagement
  • Recruitment and occupancy funnels – to support people’s transitions into our homes and maintain occupancy levels
  • Vtiger – our Customer Relationship Management system
  • Exemplar Needs You – an app for internal colleagues to pick up extra shifts, which has reduced reliance on agency staff.