Professional referrals for adults living with complex care needs

24 February 2022

Care worker sat with a resident doing crafts

Exemplar Health Care works closely with local authorities, NHS, Integrated Care Boards and professional organisations to ensure that adults living with complex needs receive high-quality nursing care that meets their needs and enables them to live their best life.

Our referrals and assessment process ensures that people get the right care, from the right team, the first time round.

We welcome referrals from Commissioning Managers, Social Workers, Case Managers, Continuing Health Care Leads and other professionals.

What is complex care?

‘Complex care’ refers to specialist support for somebody who’s living with one or more chronic or long-term health conditions or disabilities. This might include:

People who have complex care needs often also have specialist nursing care needs, such as care for a PEG feeding tube, a ventilator or a Hickman line.

Complex care is different to other types of care because it usually involves specialist clinical or medical intervention, from highly trained teams. It’s sometimes also referred to as long-term care or continuing care.

It’s usually provided in a nursing home that has an in-house team of trained Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants, as well as access to other support such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and behaviour support.

Exemplar Health Care is a leading provider of specialist nursing care for adults living with complex and high acuity needs. The majority of people who live in an Exemplar Health Care nursing home have their care paid for through NHS Continuing Healthcare or joint funded with the local authority.

We welcome referrals from Commissioning Managers, Social Workers, Case Managers, Continuing Health Care Leads and other professionals.

If you’d like to find out more about complex care, read our blog on what is complex care.

What is the referral process like with Exemplar Health Care?

Our in-house team of clinical experts work with professionals throughout the referral, assessment, transition and admission process to ensure that people receive the right care, the first time round.

If you’d like to make a referral to one of our homes, the first step is to contact our dedicated Referrals Team who’ll take the person’s history and review their needs.

If one of our care homes is the right fit for them, a Clinical Assessors will do an assessment, usually within 24-48 hours. The assessment covers 16 different domains of care across a spectrum of clinical, social, physical and psychological needs. 

The Home Manager will also do a ‘community-fit assessment’ to ensure that the home is the right ‘fit’ for the individual, and that the individual is the right ‘fit’ for others already living in the home.

We’ll then share a formal assessment report and costing with you.

If you’d like to go ahead with the placement, we’ll work with you, the individual and their loved ones, to agree their needs and goals in a detailed personalised care plan.

How do I make a referral with Exemplar Health Care?

To make a professional referral to one of our specialist nursing homes, contact our Referrals Team: