Fifth Exemplar Health Care training programme gets stamp of approval from CPD Certification Service

1 April 2022

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Exemplar Health Care’s Presentation Skills training programme has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles. This is the fifth in-house training programme to achieve the accreditation.  

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill in getting your message across. But for many people, it can be extremely nerve wracking and challenging.

There are lots of roles across Exemplar Health Care that involve presenting, whether that’s presenting business cases, information and data, or training.

We’re proud to not only roll out this training across the company, but that it’s also been certificated by the CPD Certification Service.

In this Q&A, Lauren Brooke, Core Learning and LMS Manager, tells us more about the programme and what certification means for our colleagues.

What is the Presentation Skills programme about?

The Presentation Skills programme aims to enhance presentation skills and build confidence when presenting.

It equips learners with the required skills to present and facilitate effectively, more confidently and in an engaging way, to ensure that messages are clear and understood.

Who is the Presentation Skills programme for?

The Presentation Skills programme is for colleagues who are responsible for presenting in the business.

This includes:

  • regional managers who present information and data in business reviews
  • Central Services colleagues who deliver messages across the organisation
  • Home Managers and Clinical Nurse Managers who present at team meetings
  • colleagues who deliver training.

Why has Exemplar Health Care introduced this training programme?

The Presentation Skills programme was designed following feedback that some colleagues feel nervous when asked to present information across the organisation.

We know that presenting can be nerve wracking even for the most seasoned professionals.

As part of our learning culture, we often ask colleagues who aren’t learning and development professionals to present to their peers, to share best practice, learning and messages.   

We want to ensure that they feel confident and competent doing so.

What does the Presentation Skills programme cover?

The session is delivered face to face and is delivered in a workshop style. It takes one day, in addition to some post session work and an assessment.

The programme includes:

  • the importance of communication
  • real-world solutions to communication barriers
  • a summary of key neuroscience and psychological learning theories
  • five practical ways to become a great presenter.

The programme encourages engagement and involves activities such as:

  • decreasing cortisol levels
  • creating ‘on-brand’ presentations
  • watching videos of famous presenters
  • outlining your personal presentation style.

At the end, learners will design a five minute presentation on a pre-chosen topic to deliver back to the group, using what they learned in the session.

The Learning Facilitator will assess the presentation and give feedback along with the rest of the group.  

What was the certification process like?

There’s an easy to follow submission checklist to ensure that you send everything the CPD Certification Service needs.

For this submission, we sent:

  • facilitator and colleague workbooks
  • learning materials and activities
  • detailed facilitator notes
  • a lesson plan with associated timings for each section
  • a pre-session checklist for health and safety information.

It’s also hugely important to design a success measure, assessment and feedback forms to ensure we’re able to continually improve.

We were delighted that the programme passed through the process the first time. The assessor shared: “This is a well-structured training course with clear CPD and learning value for the intended audience; it has an attractive presentation, active learner participation and clear, comprehensive presenter instruction notes.”

What does certification mean to you and the Learning and Organisational Development Team? 

I’m so overwhelmingly proud that we’ve achieved CPD accreditation on this project as it’s a great ‘seal of approval’.

To know that our programme meets the standards and benchmarks of the CPD Certification Service is a huge achievement - it means this course is educational in content, coherent and clear, and I cannot wait for our colleagues to take advantage of the session.

Learning and development at Exemplar Health Care

Exemplar Health Care offers exceptional learning and development opportunities for colleagues.

It starts with a four day corporate induction covering the company values, person-centred care and mandatory training. The induction also includes Exemplar Positive Behaviour Support (EPBS) training that’s accredited by Bild ACT, followed by a workplace induction.

We offer ongoing development opportunities including five in-house training programmes certificated by the CPD Certification Service.

We work closely with Mercia College and The Learning Curve Group to offer a range of apprenticeships for colleagues.

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