Lou’s hitting all of the right notes

24 June 2024

Female resident standing on stage at a recording studio

At the beginning of the year, we asked members of our Service User Council to tell us their goals for 2024. Although we’re only halfway into the year, Louise has already smashed hers!

She wanted to write her own song and sing more this year – and she’s certainly done that!

Louise brightens Fairwinds with her singing, and even took to the mic at Fairwinds 20th Anniversary party, singing ‘You raise me up’ and ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’.

In June, Lou took her goal one step further by visiting a recording studio in Sheffield to record her own song!

As well as covering lots of hits by ABBA, Westlife and Take That, Lou recorded her first single ‘Toppin’ and tailin’.

She then took advantage of the empty stage at the recording studio by recording her own music video.

“I had the best day, I’ve loved singing so many songs!”