How Exemplar Health Care supports newly qualified Nurses through preceptorship

9 May 2022

Nurse stood in care home garden

The most exciting but challenging time of a Nurse’s career is the first few months following registration, as they make the transition from student to professional registered practitioner. In this blog, Donna North, Head of Nursing at Exemplar Health Care, shares how we support newly qualified Nurses through preceptorship. 

When the time comes to apply for your first nursing job, preceptorship provides a period of structured transition to welcome and integrate you into your new team and place of work.

Finding an employer that offers preceptorship gives you the best possible start as a registered professional in the UK. 

Last year, we introduced a new preceptorship programme at Exemplar Health Care to welcome newly qualified Nurses into the organisation.

The programme introduces the values, goals and objectives of the organisation to help you feel like part of the team as quickly as possible. It also imparts essential safety and risk management information, provides core mandatory training and gives you the practical information you need to begin your new role.

Preceptorship at Exemplar Health Care

Our preceptorship programme is 12 months long, of which the first 12 weeks are supernumerary. During this time, you’ll do a one week induction, have 12 weeks of supernumerary support in practice, access RCNi online learning modules and have regular supervisions with your Preceptor.

The first few weeks support you to settle in, observe practice and understand the expectations of the role. You’ll work alongside the care team to deliver direct care – we believe this is important to get to know the people you’ll be supporting.

During weeks three and four, you’ll work under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. And between weeks four and 12, you’ll be assessed as competent to work under the indirect supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Following completion of your 12 week probation, you’ll continue with regular supervisions and learning and development, and complete your NMC portfolio.

Last year, we introduced a new workbook to guide Preceptees through the programme. It outlines the expectations, critical successes and competencies required for the role. Having everything in a handy workbook provides a structure for supervision meetings and gives you a place to log your progress.

“I always have my Preceptor there for advice”

Oluwaseyi Akano is a Registered Mental Health Nurse at our Bridgewood Mews care home in Tipton. He started preceptorship with Exemplar Health Care in January 2022 and has already worked shifts as the Nurse in Charge. Here, he shares what his first few months have been like.

“My induction week covered a two-day corporate induction which introduced me to the company, its mission statement and values. I also visited Parkside to meet the team and service users.

“During the first and second months of the preceptorship programme, I worked under direct supervision of my Preceptor. I learned about the systems and processes in the home, and the medication that service users take. I had regular supervision with my Preceptor to check my progress, and they signed me off as competent to administer medication.

“I’m now in my third month of preceptorship and am working under indirect supervision, sometimes acting as the Nurse in Charge on my unit. This is a great opportunity, and I always have my Preceptor there for advice if needed.

“Exemplar Health Care is a great company to work for. I’d encourage anyone who’s looking for their first nursing role to apply. The people I work with are like a family. Our focus is always to ensure that our service users are cared for and happy.”

A warm welcome to your nursing career

Since launching in November 2021, the ‘new look’ preceptorship programme has supported the induction of seven Nursing Associates and 19 newly qualified Nurses.

We’ve had great feedback about the programme.

Gurjinder Kaur is a preceptorship Nurse at our Parkside care home in Tipton. This is her first nursing job in the UK.

She shares: “I’ve felt that I’ve been supported throughout my preceptorship.

“When I started here I was very nervous as this was my first job in the UK as a Nurse. However, now I know that I made the right decision to join Parkside and Exemplar Health Care.

“All of the nursing staff are supportive, the Home Manager is always there if you have a question, and you’re supported by a Clinical Nurse Manager at all times.”

Newly qualified Nurse jobs

Exemplar Health Care offers an excellent programme of support for newly qualified Nurses.

If you’re looking for your first nursing role, visit our online job search to find newly qualified Nurse jobs.

Nursing career paths for Registered Nurses

As a Registered Nurse with Exemplar Health Care, there are lots of opportunities to do Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and progress in your career if you wish.

We offer:

  • free access to the RCNi Learning Platform to support your CPD
  • specialist skills development from our in-house Clinical Team
  • in-house leadership and management development programmes
  • NHS Leadership Academy programmes.

As a Registered Nurse, there are great career progression opportunities. You can progress into a Unit Manager, Clinical Nurse Manager, Home Manager in your home, or make the move into our Central Services to work in compliance, quality or training. View our interactive career journey.