Specialist behaviour support at Exemplar Health Care: Desmond's story

23 June 2021

Desmond lives at Marmaduke care home in Hull

Desmond moved into our Marmaduke care home in Hull in 2021 following a failed placement at another residential care home. Desmond requires specialist nursing care, and the team at his previous home didn’t understand his condition and the challenges that he faces and exhibits due to it. They reacted to any expressions of distress from Desmond in such a way that they escalated them rather than diffused them.

Following a number of preadmission assessments, Marmaduke was identified as the only local service that could meet his complex needs as a result of his dementia and enable him to remain close to home.

The high staffing levels and nurse-led care team at the home has supported Desmond with all aspects of his daily living and he lives a fulfilling life.

Whole team approach

Desmond has really benefitted from the whole teams approach.

Due to his condition, some of Desmond’s actions can be very sudden and appear ‘aggressive’, however, this is not the case and the team knows this. The skilled team react positively to Desmond and don’t tell him not to do this - they recognise this as being part of who Desmond is and they respond to this as such.

During induction, colleagues complete Exemplar Positive Behaviour Support training, which has achieved certification by Bild Association of Certified Training (Bild ACT). It provides colleagues with the right skills and knowledge to effectively support people who display behaviours of concern.

Maximising independence  

Previously, Desmond was described as an ‘observer’, who liked to watch but not really take part. However, we’ve seen that with the high staffing levels in the home and the right approach, Desmond loves to take part in all sorts of activities.

Desmond has really enjoyed working with the Life Skills and Therapy Team, and has taken real pleasure in painting garden gnomes and bird boxes (he was a painter and decorator before he retired).

He has also taken part in new things that are not his ‘usual’ hobbies such as baking buns for a garden party at Marmaduke.

Desmond also loves to talk to the team about sports and in particular, rugby. He is a Hull FC supporter and team enjoys supporting him to continue this passion.

Living a fulfilled life

The assessment completed prior to moving to Marmaduke paints a very different picture to the person who lives here now, even in a very short space of time.

Desmond doesn’t really express any future goals, but when asked, he says that he is happy and enjoying life. This is the main aim that we have for Desmond as the assessment prior to his admission led us to believe this wasn’t the case in his previous placement.

Within weeks of moving to Marmaduke, Desmond’s family shared: “I would just like to say that it is a pleasure coming to visit and you really do keep us very well informed. I just love looking at the pictures you send us of Dad enjoying the activities

“What a lovely place it is. Dad seems really happy and we really enjoy the visits.”

Specialist nursing care with Exemplar Health Care 

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