Our Service User Council collaborate with the Learning and Development Team to give colleague inductions a personal touch

14 June 2024

Service user holds white board

All colleagues who join Exemplar Health Care start their career with us by completing a bespoke company induction.

This induction introduces colleagues to their role, us as a company and the people we support.

In their recent Service User Council meeting, ambassadors worked with the Learning and Development Team and various other colleagues in a workshop aimed to reshape colleague inductions for new starters, and put their stamp on it.

Collaborating with the Learning and Development Team

Natasha Furness, Head of Learning and Development, joined the ambassadors and explained their goal of revamping the colleague inductions to make them more personal, and how this will enhance the quality of care by bringing to life the needs and wants of residents in Exemplar Health Care homes.

She asked the ambassadors, “What’s important to you that you’d like your carers to know?”

In groups, everyone discussed their thoughts and shared their answers, highlighting important areas they think should be included in the induction.

Key topics included personalising care to each individual, effective communication strategies, and understanding the emotional and physical needs of residents.

Some of the answers were:

  • “I’d like staff to know how independent I am.”
  • “Being involved in my care decisions.”
  • “I’d like staff to understand me in crisis, and with my medication.”
  • “To take time and listen/have patience with people who are unable to talk.”
  • “Tailor every bit of your approach to each individual.”

Shaping the future of colleague inductions

The Learning and Development Team are now working on using insights from the ambassadors to shape their new colleague inductions.

The collaboration aims to include residents’ thoughts and feelings into the training materials, making the induction process more relevant and impactful.

Sophia Feurtado, Service User Engagement Manager, shared:

"It’s really important that we continue to have this platform where residents can input their thoughts and feelings into training material for carers, so they feel understood and respected.

"The ambassadors were keen to learn about the Learning and Development Team's efforts and the significance of incorporating their insights into staff training. They’re enthusiastic and eager to collaborate with the team. 

"By working with the Learning and Development Team, we can ensure new carers are well-prepared to meet the needs of our residents across our homes.”