Are you looking for an alternative nursing job?

29 June 2024

Smiling nurse and resident hugging and looking at each other

When most people think of a Nurse, they picture a Nurse on a hospital ward.

Did you do it too? There are lots of alternative nursing jobs available, so, if you’re considering a different path you’ve come to the right place!

Nursing in the social care sector

Due to common misconceptions, a career in the social care sector for a Nurse is often seen as undesirable.

‘Just handing out medication’, ‘becoming deskilled’ and ‘a boring place to work’ are all stereotypes that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Careers in social care nursing, and in particular with Exemplar Health Care, offer the chance to develop your nursing skills in an autonomous, supportive environment.

At Exemplar Health Care, we don’t just focus on physical and mental health. We support people’s emotional, sexual, social and spiritual needs too, to give them holistic care in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, our Nurses are all highly skilled.

The people we support are individuals – and we embrace that. Our first company value is fun, meaning you’ll support people of all ages, with different interests to do whatever they choose, all whilst having fun!

Going on holiday, to college, or to the local shops, our range of activities ensure no two days are ever the same.

Nursing roles in our homes

Our homes offer excellent career paths, whether you’re a Newly Qualified Nurse, or a Senior Nurse looking for a managerial role.

Registered Nurse

Our Registered Nurses provide the highest standard of nursing care for the people we support.

Your role will also involve assessing people’s care needs, acting as the Nurse in Charge on shift, and developing care plans to ensure person- centred care.

Unit Managers

For Nurses looking for their first step into a managerial role, our Unit Manager jobs are perfect.

You’ll be at the forefront of clinical care delivery on your designated unit, whilst leading, and supporting a team of Registered Nurses, Newly Qualified Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

Clinical Nurse Managers

Next on our journey of progression are Clinical Nurse Managers.

In this role, you’ll oversee clinical care in your home, empowering and leading your nursing team, whilst ensuring continuous improvement and compliance with our clinical governance framework and regulatory requirements.

Registered Care Home Managers

Our Registered Care Home Managers are Registered Nurses with a wealth of complex nursing care knowledge and experience.

You’ll be the heartbeat of your home, able to shape your service and ensure your team are making every day better for the individuals we support.

Nursing roles outside of our homes

Our nursing roles don’t end there! We have a range of nursing roles in our Central Support Services.

If you’re passionate about quality and regulatory compliance, our central clinical function is the perfect place to be.

Our Quality Team comprises of a Head of Quality, Head of Nursing, Quality Improvement Managers and Link Nurses for areas such as end of life care, falls, nutrition and respiratory care.

Our Audit and Regulation Team includes a Head of Audit and Regulation and team of Audit and Regulation Managers.

Hands on nursing experience and insights into care delivery are great attributes for anyone in the roles listed above.

We also have a Mental Health and Behaviour Support team, perfect for Registered Mental Health Nurses looking to progress.

For those looking to specialise in specific areas, Lead Nurse roles are an excellent option. As a Lead Nurse, you’ll offer expert advice on care requirements for individuals with your specialist conditions.

As a Nurse led organisation, we’re proud to have Directors who are Registered Nurses.

The sky truly is the limit for nursing careers in the social care sector!

If you’re interested in any of the roles listed above, visit our job finder or email our Nurse Talent Specialists on