10 moments when colleagues, family and total strangers had our backs during the Coronavirus pandemic

21 April 2020

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Making every day better and having fun – the first of our FIRST values – isn’t always easy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But in these unprecedented times, we’ve seen unprecedented efforts from colleagues, families, local shops and services to help.

We’ve got countless stories of generosity, courage, heroism from everyone.

Here are just a few incredible moments of kindness we’ve seen across our complex needs care homes:

1. When a doughnut chain thanked Parkside – with doughnuts!

krispy kreme parkside

Doughnut chain Krispy Kreme donated dozens of doughnuts to Parkside, one of our Tipton care homes.

They even sent a rhyme on a note that read: “Here’s some doughnuts just for you, to say thank you for all you do.” Thank you!

2. When Wigan Council gave Lakeview Easter eggs

wigan lakeview

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And we think nobody deserves it more than our key workers!

At Lakeview, our Leigh care home, the local Wigan Council sent our care team around 70 chocolate Easter eggs as a thank you – including Malteser ones!

3. When we opened a ‘Lockdown Local’ at Bridgewood Mews

bridgewood mews

Some residents at Bridgewood Mews in Tipton were getting fed up not being able to go to the shops.

So, the care team brought them the ‘Lockdown Local’ so they could treat themselves to a few goodies such as chocolate and soft drinks. The shop brought a lot of smiles to people’s faces!

4. When a community support group donated three huge cakes to Kingfisher View

kingfisher view

A local community support group, Castleford Isolation, very kindly donated three huge Victoria Sponge cakes to Kingfisher View to keep the spirits of the care team and service users sweet.

The cakes went down a treat with a cup of tea in the sunshine!

5. When a family member sent Dearnevale a thank you card


Care work can be hard work at any time, not just during a pandemic. So when a family member of a resident sent Dearnevale in Barnsley – rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC – a very warm thank you card, we just had to share it.

“You are all wonderful and doing a fantastic job,” the card read. Thank you!

6. When Willowbeck got Quality Street and hand cream from a neighbour

when willowbeck

A very kind neighbour sent our care team at Willowbeck in Sheffield some deluxe hand cream and boxes of Quality Street.

‘What an amazing job you all do,’ wrote the neighbour, who didn’t put their name.

‘The NHS are just brilliant you but you too are working with vulnerable people and are risking yourselves too,’ the letter added.

They even wiped down the gifts beforehand to keep us safe! 

7. When British Gas engineers planted flowers at Kavanagh Place


The garden at Kavanagh Place in Liverpool now looks colourful and lovely thanks to some flowers donated and dug in by British Gas engineers.

Thank you for such a timely gift! Our residents definitely enjoy time in their garden during lockdown. 

8. When Thames House didn’t just get food – but M&S food!


An M&S at Birch Services unfortunately had to close their doors.

But they very kindly donated tons of food – including crisps and chocolate biscuits, yummy! - to us here at Thames House in Rochdale for our residents.

They also wanted to say a big thank you to our key workers. Thank you very much - your gifts will be very much enjoyed, we promise!

9. When a local service station gave Quarryfields Easter eggs and sweets


Residents and the care team at Quarryfields in Doncaster were eggstremely happy to have been donated a big box of chocolate Easter eggs and sweets from the local MOTO service station.

It looks like we’ve got plenty to go around – thank you!

10. When Meadowcroft, Eastlands and Pathways got together to #ClapForOurCarers

Finally: here’s a moment captured on video when colleagues from our three Sutton-in-Ashfield homes, Meadowcroft, Eastlands and Pathways joined forces to #ClapForOurCarers.

We didn't think that we could get any prouder of our wonderful teams. 

But as the pandemic has gone on, we've seen even more outstanding examples of colleagues going the extra mile to ensure that our residents, and each other, stay safe and well.

From all of us, thank you!

PS: And a bonus from St Andrew’s Court – true love doesn’t keep people apart!

st andrew's court

They say true love knows no bounds. And that’s very clear here in St Andrew's Court, our new Hull home.

Not even lockdown can separate these two love birds from each other!