David Pancott

Chief Information Officer at Exemplar Health Care

David Pancott is Chief Information Officer at Exemplar Health Care.

David Pancott is Chief Information Officer at Exemplar Health Care. He oversees the IT Team and is involved in our digital transformation project, which aims to improve quality of care and transform our digital systems and processes, so that Home Managers have more time to spend on the things that matter.

David has worked in the health care sector for most of his career, previously working with the British Nursing Association, Nestor Healthcare Group, Allied Healthcare and SAGA Healthcare. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) trained and with a degree in business, David brings a wealth of experience in IT security, software development and IT service delivery and management.

At Exemplar Health Care, David works with an in-house IT Team and external specialists to provide digital support and develop IT infrastructure across the company.

He’s also an integral part of our digital transformation journey, which includes a series of projects to implement digital and online solutions, to enhance quality, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

David is committed to our aim of making every day better, and he puts our residents and colleagues needs and wishes first, so that any IT projects result in the best possible experience for individuals.