We believe that continual learning and development plays a vital part in helping us enhancing lives. It is why we provide a wide range of training opportunities for all of our staff, whatever their role in the team. 

Ensuring that our staff get the most out of our training programmes is our number one goal. We believe that everyone is different and encourage everybody to grow and develop in a learning environment which suits his or her needs. Our dedicated training team work hard to NURTURE all staff to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We use a multi method learning approach through both hands on and interactive theoretical knowledge in all our internal and external training programmes.  

All of our staff attend a comprehensive 7 day induction programme which provides them with a solid introduction and foundation to working within the company. Our induction timetable covers a basic awareness of everything our staff will need to provide the best possible care including Safeguarding, Mental Capacity and NAPPI (Non-Aggressive Psychological and Physical Intervention strategy for challenging behaviour). 

Everyone that joins the Exemplar family is supported to work through a personal development plan designed to help them grow and develop personally, professionally and assist with their progression throughout their career.  

We also offer the opportunity to become a trainer and use your knowledge and experiences to inspire others in a career in healthcare.

Feedback and Comments about our Training

“The passion and experience of the training team shine through and that is both inspiring and contagious”.

“I’ve really enjoyed this week; you’ve given me a confidence boost. I feel more confident starting my new job and you have proven to me I know more than I thought”.

“Thank you for a great week. I began the week thinking “Can I?”, now I know “I Can”. Thanks for everything”.

“Induction was such an inspirational week, the team have given me a good start in my new role.”

“Thank you for a thorough and enjoyable training week, I have had lots of laughs and learnt loads.”

“Thank you for all the support the training team has given me.”

” Learning while laughing, it’s the best way to learn – I won’t forget it.”

“Your team makes training so fun and enlightening, entertaining and fun.”