Thank you Ravensdale!


Thank you Ravensdale!

Here’s an extract from a letter received regarding our service user , P.

‘I  would like to take this opportunity to thank Ravensdale Nursing Home for the wonderful, holistic and professional care my client P is receiving.

P was assessed in hospital by the home manager in September 2014. P had complex physical & mental health needs, he had been in hospital  for many months, and his  condition  was  deteriorating. P was nursed  in  his hospital bed, his mobility had   reduced, he could no longer  walk, he had mental health problems –  he had closed down completely and  wanted to end his life.

P was over 65 years of  age,  the home manager  discussed  P’s case with his  management, and agreed to take him on a temporary  basis and the nursing staff at   Ravensdale have worked very hard to try and re- habilitate him.They have provided P with an individual bespoke Care Plan to meet all his daily living needs. The Nursing  Team are very dedicated  and proactive  and above  all  provide a holistic  approach to  P’s care needs.

P’s physical & mental health have  now  remarkably improved, the  O/T  and  Unit   manager  have  worked  tirelessly  with P  to improve  his overall   physical  & mental health.

P  is  now  able  stand and take  a  couple  of  steps,  the care staff have  encouraged   and managed to take  P outside in his  wheelchair.

P’s  mental health has improved significantly, he  no longer  wishes  to end his life, he is happy  at  Ravensdale, has  formed   some  good relationships  with  the nursing  staff, and can  smile  again.

There is still a lot of ongoing work to be done with P, as I feel there is room for further improvement. I have no doubt that Ravensdale will continue to provide an excellent professional service and continue to improve P’s  physical & mental health care needs. 

I   would certainly recommended  Ravesdale Nursing Home, to other colleague’s within the Leeds Adult Social Department and outside private  agencies.’

Care Manager
Leeds Adult Social Care