High dependency care and nursing

High dependency care and nursing is a specialist form of nursing, which often involves caring for patients using ventilation and tracheostomy care or feeding regimes including PEG and Dysphagia.

Exemplar Health Care provides support to those in need of high-dependency care and complex needs. Our nursing staff have the skills and experience to personalise care requirements for each individual, ensuring their unique needs are met.

High Dependency Care 

While high-dependency care may require more 1-2-1 support and reduce an individual’s ability to remain independent, Exemplar doesn’t believe this is the end to living an ordinary life. Multi-disciplinary and engagement teams ensure individuals within our care are involved with day to day activities, can carry out or participate in tasks of interest to them and be a part of external events or outings wherever possible.

Working alongside discharge teams, we ensure a smooth transition from an acute hospital setting to our care homes. Our nurse-led teams are fully trained to be able to care for the most complex care needs, including those who require airway management through tracheotomy care, enabling individuals to lead the most fulfilling life available to them with the care, dignity and respect they deserve.