OneCare service: extended care pathways

At Exemplar, we know that for many reasons, a care home environment may not be the right fit for some individuals living with complex care needs.

Working with funders and individuals in care, we have developed the OneCare service. The services are specially adapted individual houses and flats, for service users who do not require the full-time, high dependency care of a care home, but still require support.

OneCare services are located either on site, or very close to our care homes, enabling any type of care or nursing to be extended from the main home, depending on an individual’s specific needs, whilst also allowing independent living.

We ensure our OneCare services meet the accessibility, sensory and other unique needs of the individual who will live there.

OneCare services offer three integrated care solutions:

OneCare: Independence

an extended pathway of care where people can maximise their independence and reach their full potential

OneCare: Intermediate

care and support to develop and maintain independence, for people with progressive conditions entering care and those on a rehabilitation pathway

OneCare: Individual

a sole occupancy environment personalised to suit the unique needs of individual service users

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Exemplar develop OneCare services jointly with local funders – sometimes with specific service users already in mind, or to meet future needs. We buy, adapt and fully refurbish properties close to our nurse-led care homes, and where demand is greatest, develop areas of our existing homes to create OneCare apartments which are accessed separately from the main home.

We provide thorough care planning, regular needs assessment, goal-setting and outcomes-tracking to every service user across Exemplar.

To find out more about Exemplar’s OneCare service, or to make a referral, please email