Life with Exemplar

Choose person-centred care

Whatever a person’s condition or stage in life, Exemplar’s welcoming, community-based homes support people to reach their goals.

Everyone is different, so Exemplar’s approach starts with person-centred care planning, which includes an individual’s motivations, goals, beliefs and aspirations.

We ensure all the right support and services are in place, from nursing care, observation, nutrition and medication to occupational and physical therapy.


Choose therapeutic engagement

Our teams facilitate individual hobbies so people can continue to do the things they love, as well as developing new interests, social activities and access to education and volunteering.

We believe that being involved in social activities offers real therapeutic benefits to individuals. Our aim is for everyone to engage in enjoyable activities which help increase independence and improve life skills, whilst also developing links with the local community and therapeutic environment in the service.

Exemplar’s specialist team understand the importance of meaningful activities, linked to a service user’s personal and outcomes and goals. Activity types will vary between people – being part of a caring community means that activities will fit around the individual and their likes and dislikes.

Therapeutic engagement through meaningful activity:

  • Keeps us fit and mentally alert
  • Gives a sense of personal worth and identity
  • Is important for our personal development
  • Establishes common interests with other people
  • Develops our talents and allows us to show what we can do
  • Is a significant part of the quality of life we lead
  • Is the means by which we look after ourselves and our daily needs
  • Provides the basis for friendships and living together

Service users work with staff to develop activity ideas to celebrate a specific occasion or to mark an important event. Plans are then developed around a particular theme and activities planned out over a number of days, perhaps creating themed menus, sourcing equipment, shopping or creating crafts as a group or on an individual basis.

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