Eating well at Exemplar

At Exemplar we understand the importance of good, nutritious food

Meal times are an important part of everyone’s day – and is no different for service users. Just like at home, service users have the choice to eat together in a family environment, or alone if they prefer, within protected meal times. During these set hours, our homes do not allow access or phone calls from the outside, so service users can enjoy meals undisturbed.

Every home develops its own varied restaurant-style dining menu, with meals to suit everyone. Chefs in our kitchens source fresh ingredients so nutrition-packed, delicious meals can be cooked each day. At some homes, service users can prepare their own meals and snacks, or cook together for fellow service users, taking it in turns throughout the week. Working towards the guidelines set out by the Care Quality Commission, Exemplar ensures healthy, balanced meals are available to everyone.

Every service user is assessed to determine their needs – whether they can eat a typical diet, or if their condition may put them at a risk of choking. We cater for typical diets as well as soft and pureed food based on the needs of the individual.

Some of our homes specialise in using food moulds to make pureed food as appetising as possible for those at risk of choking. Should someone want to enjoy Sunday Roast with chicken, for example, the foods typically eaten will be moulded into the shape of said food – for example, roast chicken puree shaped as a chicken breast, carrot puree shaped as a carrot and so on. This not only makes the food more enjoyable, but encourages services users to recognise the foods they are enjoying.

Regular Food Forums are held at homes so people can request favourite foods or share any religious or other dietary requirements. Activity teams also work towards ensuring meal times are enjoyable, often having themes depending on the season, or national holidays.

Eating good food should be an enjoyable experience – Exemplar aims to make every day better in every way – including mealtimes.