Rehabilitation Rehabilitation services

A safe, stable environment from which to grow

The role of our mental health rehabilitation services is clear: to give those who need us the confidence, coping mechanisms and core skills they need to live their life to its full potential. So, we bring together two crucial factors: the right people; and the right place.

Our experienced Multi-Disciplinary Team is comprised of the right people. They create individually tailored approaches to help people recovery from mental illness which inspires them to develop skills. Our team gives them the confidence to be more independent and the self-belief that they can, with the right support, be active and positive members of their community. We also work with the local community to educate the public and make the outside world a safer and more hospitable place for our residents.

Our rehabilitation units are a safe place for vulnerable people to recover and learn new life skills. We’ve created an environment that fosters stability and security and avoids the feeling of being institutionalised.

Mental health needs change; we can quickly adapt our environment or our approach to meet new demands, or achieve new goals.